Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Would You Do

Out of all the reality shows on TV one of my favorite is "What Would You Do" on ABC News with host John Quiñones. His show test human nature through hidden camera scenarios. I try to catch this show when I can because I love to watch how my peers will react to something they see in person that's not right. Normally, you always hear wannabe tough guys and girls always yapping after the fact what they would have done. So, I love to see what the average people would do if ever they saw something wrong, something they just don't believe in.

Tonight show cover a religious secton in northern Arizona that forces its young female members to take part in polygamous marriages.


Some of my favorites past show are:
Aiding the Fallen
Birth Control? No Way!
A Momzilla Gone Mad
Begging for Gas: Part 1
Begging for Gas: Part 2
Shoplifting with Kids
Cell Phone Etiquette
A Young Girl in Danger
Baby Locked in a Hot Car
Never-ending, Unwanted Flirtation
Dog Left Inside a Hot Car

Hopefully, you get to see the show tonight and tell me what would you do.

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