Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My 29th Bday

OMG!! Today is the big day. I am blessed to make it to another year. I cant believe Im 29 years old. Whew Im getting old. LOL! I woke up this morning to my mom singing happy bday to me and eating a piece of homemade chocolate cake. This is a ritual in my family and has been since I could eat cake. Im so spoiled but I have the best mommy in the whole wide world. Even at 29 Im still her lil princess. I received my happy bday wishes from my Besties, B and Kris. I even received Bday wishes from those I didnt expect, like my lil Bro (didnt think he remembered, lol)and Will. Tonight going to dinner, nothing really big. But the party is just getting started so stayed tuned. Thanks to everyone who thought of me today, I luv u all. Smooches!!

Thanks B for the sweet words. I luv you to death and as I read your blog I broke out in tears. You are so dear to me and Im lucky to have you in my life. Luv Ya!!
Thanks Kris for being a sweetheart and I will see ya this weekend so get ready HONAY!!

SEE YA GUYS!! And thanks to Nick and Bombchell for the bday wishes. Keep coming with the feedback.

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Derrick said...

Hey Luv, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.Hope you have a fine day as fine as yourself.