Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reality Show Highlights

Last night I caught up on Candy Girls, Ray J of Love, and The Kardashians. Drama, drama, drama. As far as Candy Girls is going, im still not feeling them yet. Out of all the video vixens, why were these four picked and am I truly supposed to believe they are the highest paid video vixens around. I don't get them, I just don't get them. However, I did feel sorry for Danielle this episode. U can tell her mom really means the world to her and she is struggling with the fact her mom has cancer. My heart went out to her.

On to my Dash Dolls. This episode was about Kourtney doing her photo shoots and hiring her mom as her manager. I felt bad for Kris when she forgot Kourtney's shoot and Kourt basically tore her another asshole, but I also felt where Kourt was coming from. Kris does seem to juggle to many things at times and overbooks. But she is only human and u can tell her heart is definitely into making her girls' successful. Kourt's shoots were hot and I hope she too can be as successful as her sisters. She always seems to fade into the background for whatever reason.

Ray J of Love is always comical to me bc these girls are crazy! I love how they have their lil clicks and the house is divided. Cashmere decides this show to call out Cocktail for being on another reality show. Once she outs Cocktail in front of everyone, Cocktail and her click attack her and the stress becomes too much to handle so Cashmere dismisses herself. Are u serious Cashmere? This is a competition, if u couldn't handle the heat u should have never entered the kitchen. U started the fire, it was your idea honey. Anyway, its going to be interesting how Unique holds up now, since all her girls are gone. Cant wait to see the outcome.


Queen B. said...

I am trying to like The Candy Girls but those girls are so unprofessional and hateful. They are suppose to give the viewers insight on what they are really like behind the scene. If that's the image they are going for then they didn't need to do the show. I felt bad for Danielle, I thought of Heidi so that made me cry. But Danielle is not a CEO, she thinks she's a CEO but her attitude and business skills are horrible. She started her business off wrong, being friends the girls and then being a boss when she feels powerless never work out. Why do black girls like to act so tough and mean...that hip hop attitude is not cute...I'm not just saying, I'M TELLING YOU!

As for as the Kardashians, it was a good show. I love Khloe...the funny part to me when she was on the phone cussing and she really didn't know it. I felt bad for Kris, you know that's my girl. It was an honest slip up on her part. She said she forgot and Kourt was not havin it. They are so hard on her and not just on the show. I think I am going to have to take Kris for myself if they keep verbally abusing her.

As much as I like Ray J, I cannot bring myself to watch another Flavor Flav, I Love New York, and that Brett Michaels type show. Just can't do it. So, I will keep reading your highlights.

Derrick said...

B, You rough on a nigga never wanna make you mad. I need to get you and red, sorry Miss Sassy on TV. You ladies are hot.