Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Night Reality TV

This Sunday's episodes of Candy Girls and Keeping Up with the Kardashians were pretty booooring.
I dont even know where to start. I think im finished watching these damn video vixens. They have no respect for the owner and she has no clue how to control these girls. They talk shit about her to her face and behind her back. How the hell is she doing so well in the business if her models dont even take her serious? This show is foolishness.

The Kardashians explored body images, particularly Khloe since she was posing nude for the PETA campaign. Khloe is not as big as everyone believes. She has a cute shape and is only about 5'8". She wasnt that much taller than me when I met her back in December. I mean if I stood next to Kim and Kourt who are 5'0" and 5'2" I would look like a damn amazon too. Who the hell wants to look like an anorexic crack head anyway. Curves are in and here to stay. Just stay off TV cuz the camera really does add ten pounds.

Until next week, See Ya!!!

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Kisa Zoea said...

Lol..that Candy Girls show kills me...they pay the boss no mind.SMH. And what's with Blanca and the "Phoenix" alter

Love the Kardashian show...Kim really does seem to have a shopping problem...That intervention was funny! She looked so uncomfortable.