Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Casino Night Preview

So on tomorrow night B and I will be attending the Hornets 3rd Annual Casino Night at the Superdome. This event is exclusive for Season Ticket Holders and their guest. We attended last year when it was held at Metro which was kinda small so Im anxious to see how it will be in the huge ass Dome. Its an event where the players, coaches, and Hornets staff mingle with season ticket holders and play casino games like blackjack, poker, and roullet. Its catered and has lots of drinks, the part B loves the most. Last year we played Black Jack with Mo Pete and we racked up with chips. At the end of the night you cash in your chips and they give away prizes to the 3 people with the highest number of chips, such as a trip to All Star Weekend, season tickets and trips to away games. We could have been in the running last year but we gave away our highest valued chip worth 5000 because we didnt think it meant anything and we kept saying what am I going to do with this one chip. We didnt realize it was worth so much. If only we had known, LOL! Tomorrow I defintely wont be giving any chips away. Ill check back in Friday and update you on what went down at Casino Night.

See Ya!!

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