Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swagger Jacking

So its all over the gossip blogs how Ciara has swagger jacked my girl Beyonce in her new video with Justin Timberlake and her album artwork. According to the gossip blogs it might not have been intentional but CiCi allegedly hired Bey's creative team for her new album. Come on now, if this is so, could they have not come up with ideas to fit CiCi's style. They are totally different artist with different sounds and fashion style. The trip part is that CiCi released her video with JT before Bey could release her video of Ego where most of the ideas resemble each other. Something sounds fishy to me. What do you think, Is it just one big coincidence or is CiCi flat out copying Bey to get on top? Check out the pics if you haven't already seen them courtesy of mediatakeout.

See Ya!!!

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