Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friends How Many of Us Have Them

So this morning I was on my way to work and I was listening to Big Boy's show on 102.9. They were discussing why girls cant get along. This subject really hit me for a moment bc recently I found out some shady sh*t from a used to be "friend". Anyone who knows me knows I dont have time for the fakeness or bullsh*t. I believe in quality and not quantity when it comes to girlfriends. Girls are just so damn catty sometimes. Why do they always feel they have to compete with you? If you just lived your own life without comparing yourself to someone else, sh*t would be good.

So they were discussing on the show how females are just jealous by nature. I disagree bc I have never been jealous of another chick in my life. She may have things I want but instead of being jealous I use her as inspiration that it is possible to achieve the things you want out of life. Women need to play their position in their friendships. Use what you have to bring to the table, whether it be looks, personality, patience, a pretty smile, smarts, a combination of sorts, etc and roll with it. Complement the person you are hanging with instead of trying to compete. All competition does is bring out jealousy and hatred bc sometimes you are going to lose. And for some you will lose quite often. For me I know when me and my girls go out that they are more sociable by nature. Im not going to try to out socialize them bc im going to lose. I play my part, Im the sassy friend and thats me.

But the reason this hit hard is bc this chick I dont talk to anymore went behind by back with lies to my bf about I cheated on him and contrated a STD that I would give to him. B*tch are u serious. How could she be so low down to even part her mouth to say some outlandish sh*t like that. First of all, I have never cheated on him and never had a STD and if I did I wouldn't tell her bc word had been coming round that she would say slick sh*t about me when I wasnt around. Because Im quiet, doesnt mean im not observant. She would be the last person I would confide in. Was this her way at getting at him bc she liked what she saw and wanted to walk in my shoes. Please come again! Chicks who want to be like you and have what you have but cant are hilarious. It sucks to be you doesn't it hater. U wanna be my clone but there is ONLY one me. Often imitated but never duplicated!

So ladies try and complement your friends, I promise it will work out much better. Cant we all just get along????

Sorry for lengthiness but i had to get that off my chest.

See Ya!!!!

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