Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the Love of Ray J

So i just finished watching the rebroadcast of For the Love of Ray J from last night. HI-LA-RIO-US!!!! These chics are crazy. Fiesty, my lil mama, Fiesty. When a man notices how much you drink and comments on it, then baby girl that means u drink too much. She gets it in when it comes to drinking. She killed me when she told Ray "I can go brush my teeth". LMAO!
Now on to the drama. I love how Danger baited Unique in. I don't care for Unique either so I was happy to see her real side come out. I mean she is always claiming she's so classy but hello, u are on a reality show kissing and laying up with a man for the whole world to see. Danger must really get under her skin because she just went off the handle. OMG if she didn't look psycho.
And is it just me, but Lil B is so adorable. I love her voice and her bubbly personality. I can't wait to next week's show.
See Ya !!!!!

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Derrick said...

Thanks for updating me had to take a little vacation so I missed this show. I like fiesty ladies, Miss Sassy.