Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Night Movie: Twilight

Okay I know I'm late but I just finished watching the movie Twilight. There was nothing on TV so I decided to see what all the buzz was about. I wasn't interested in the movie when it came out because I thought it was just another teeny bopper movie. Boy was I wrong. I AB-SO-LUT-ELY LOVED IT. I'm hooked and cant wait for part two to hit the big screen.

There were so many great lines in the movie and the graphics were cool. I loved how they were so strong and quick. I wish I had a man who can carry me and fly and jump from place to place. Was it just me or was this film more suited for older teens and young adults? I was surprised that it was also a love story but I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. I'm such a hopeless romantic.
Here are two of my favorite lines in the movie between the two main characters Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattison). This was taken from the scene where Edward reveals his true identity to Bella.
1) Its like diamonds. Your beautiful! -- Bella tells Edward
2)Your scent is like a drug to me. Your like my own personal brand of heroin -- Edward tells Bella. (That line is almost orgasmic, LOL!)

The movie was awesome and see why the kids are so crazy about this film. Not to mention Robert Pattison is a hottie!!

See Ya!!


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

tha Book was better tho.

Kisa Zoea said...

Yes..the movie is GREAT..but the book is better!!!!

I just hope they don't screw up the rest of the films to the saga with switching out directors...