Friday, July 31, 2009

BLOG: Black Tie Stiletto

I am so excited about my new love BLACK TIE STILETTO. It's so different from Inside The Life of A Makeup Artist & MISS SASSY & QUEEN B blogs. I hope you show this new love of mine so love. I know a lot of you all don't like to sign in and FOLLOW but this is really important if everyone FOLLOW. I hope to see you all there:))


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SUCRE: Wedded Bliss

My buddies over at SUCRE invited Michael and I to come out to their 2 Wedded Bliss event. Because I love SUCRE wedding cake and champagne I could not pass. What I didn't know was that pastry chef Tariq wanted me to come out in taste which cake I like cuz they were going to do my little anniversary sweet RIGHT?

So I thought I was just hanging out with my girl and wedding planner Robin, Hilliary and Nathan who is one of the SUCRE reps. As usual we but some damage to a few bottles by ourselves.

I also did some cake tasting and fell in love with the almond butter cream cake.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clients In The News

It's only Tuesday and 3 of my clients who are all friends has found themselves in the news this week.

Would like to say CONGRATS to Hornets Basketball Player Chris Paul on the deliver of his first baby and son.

As everybody know by now Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush has decided to part ways and do their own I surprise NO. That's all I am lips are seal. As you all know I am loyal to Kimmie so I wish I could just give her a hug right about now. She gets a lot of flack for that damn tape but baby girl is a sweet girl. I hope she finds a guy that will genuinely love her one day. I tell you what, pretty girls never date the right guys...look at Halle Berry. The new guy seems real, so I hope Kimmie moves on and I am sure she will she has a great support team at home. Especially MAMA KRIS who I love.

REGGIE BUSH...ok gotta go


Vibe Magazine: Football EyeCandy

So the new issue of Vibe Magazine is out and all I have to say is Yummy!!!! Just in time for the start of football season. It features cutie pie Darren Sharper, Gabby Union's ex and new player for my home team, The New Orleans Saints. Also, featured is the delicious Will Demps, love him. Rounding out the rest of the spread are Osi Umenyiora of the Giants, Devin Thomas of the Redskins, Dwight Freeney of the Colts, and Kerry Rhodes of the Jets. Oh yeah, they have some RB singers pictured too. Nothing against the girls, just not interested in them with all that fineness present. Enjoy!!

Will Demps and Latoya Luckett

Darren Sharper

Dwight Freeney and Teairra Mari

Devin Thomas

Osi Umenyiora and Chrisette Michele

Kerry Rhodes & Devin Thomas w/ Adrienne Bailon
See Ya!!

Weight Update

So I finally did it! I lost 15 lbs and I'm ecstatic. I love the way I look and feel. Thank God I didn't lose my curves, because I think curves are beautiful and sexy ;). It was harder than I thought to lose these pounds, not to mention it took much longer than I anticipated. I'm soo proud of myself because I did it the right way, exercise and eating healthy, no meds or surgery needed. I didn't even need a trainer. I still want to lose between 5-10 more lbs, so the journey is not over. I think I actually love working out, no I just love the results, lol.

Excuse my little fat toes. LOL
See Ya!!


All I have to say is WTF!

See Ya!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

L'OREAL Makeup Tour

l'oreal makeup artist brandy gomez duplessis on l'oreal stage

All of my L'OREAL tour info is coming in slowly. I will be flying out on August 4th. I will not be home for my anniversary this year which is on August 5th. But these are things that I have to deal with. Because of my busy schedule I always have to miss out on something. But hubby is understanding.

I am actually excited about being on the road and I get to see my girls who I don't see often because we all live in different cities. I don't know if Debra and Veronica will be there this year. So I will just keep my fingers cross.

I have 12 hour days again and I don't have to worry about traveling with makeup since L'Oreal takes care of all that. All I need is black pants and shoes and a bag to put makeup that they will give at the end of the tour. So no drama at the airport with lots of luggage. I will bring my laptop so I can stay in touch with you guys. Don't have my hotel info yet and car service info yet but I am sure they will send me that this week or so.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Bride:Blanca

My First Runaway Bride

I can't blog long tonight cuz I am so exhausted. Today, was my first time having a RUNWAY BRIDE...I am so SERIOUS!!! When I first arrived this morning to the hotel she joked about would I still like her if she was a runaway bride. I just though she was joking, you know nervous. But she kept making jokes throughout the day. She left to get hair done and was gone like 3 hours. When she came back she had this look on her face and just fell in my arms in full out tears and said I'm going through some things...I gave her some great advice, I made her call him and at least give him heads up before they arrive to the castle. He liked the plan I gave her and said he would allow what I offer and they can work it out when they get home. So, I hope she didn't bail after I finished cuz she was already 30 mins late for her pics. I painted the hell out of her so I hope whatever happens after I left all I can say is...SHE LOOKED DAMN GOOD! I luv this bride she's a great person and I hope she listened to me today. Tomorrow I will be saying prayers for this couple.

I am mentally tired and body is hurting it was a very emotional day.

Night Night

Friday, July 24, 2009

A New Agent & A New PR Firm

Keep your fingers cross for me guys, I was not only in Miami to work but I was there to network and do what I do best. Today I was in touch with a lot of people that I met last week. The goal is to get an agent in PR firm to represent me in markets such as California, New York, and Florida. That way I can stay busy especially with the way things are.

So keep your fingers cross and I will keep you guys posted.


So Long to the Queen of Radio

So it's official. The Queen of Radio, Wendy Williams, is saying goodbye to her syndicated radio show on WBLS after 7 years in the radio biz to focus on her new TV show full time. I'm saddened to see her go, but I hope she has just as great of a TV career as she did in radio.

See Ya!!!

Why Solange????

What is it with all these celebs and shaving their heads? The newest victim to this craze is Solange. I get that she wants to be different and stand apart from her sister Bey, but did she have to do it this way. I'm sorry, but I am not feeling her new do.
Here's what Miss Knowles had to say via twitter for all us nosey rosey's all up in her biz.
See Ya!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity Makeup Artist Rocks Out Ed Hardy Designers during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami

(MIAMI) – Jul 23, 2009 – Many of us saw, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, a pretty blinged out girl with long black locks walking around the cabana & tents at the Raleigh Hotel, at the local news station, and backstage at the True Religion & Ed Hardy swimwear fashion show toting a pink makeup kit and wondering, WHO’S THAT GIRL? Not many people knew that this hidden gem, Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis was backstage rocking out Creative Director for Sea and Sun Swimwear Fawn Arthur, Designer Angela Avanesyan and Assistant Designer Heather Bothwell from Ed Hardy.

Gomez-Duplessis was hired to work personally with the Ed Hardy team all weekend during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. Everyone was aware that Makeup Forever Cosmetics was the sponsor makeup company, but backstage this glam Makeup Artist was working side by side with the Makeup Forever makeup team. Gomez-Duplessis said she did get a lot of side eye looks from the others makeup artist mainly because they didn’t know who hired her. They were confused about her being backstage working on the designers.

The first day she did hair and makeup on Fawn Arthur at The Fontainebleau Hotel at 6am for her interview with the South Florida Today show on the CW. Gomez-Duplessis also worked with 3 models from the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency getting them ready at the news station. Later that morning, they headed over to NBC 6 Miami for another segment about the Ed Hardy swimwear line. Gomez-Duplessis said she gave all the girls a sun kissed beach look and wanted their hair to be soft but still sexy. She didn’t want to overpower the swimwear by using fake lashes and lots of bright eye colors. For the True Religion show, Gomez-Duplessis kept the designers makeup neutral especially Arthur’s because Gomez-Duplessis said “she has such a great face that I didn’t want to hide it.” But for the Ed Hardy fashion show Gomez-Duplessis said “I want to have fun, simply because it’s Ed Hardy and I’m in Miami”, she laughs. So, she gave all the girls rock stars eyes using fun colors and lots of black eye shadow.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is no stranger to working with celebrities. She has painted may faces like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jordin Sparks, Reggie Bush, Pete Wentz, Usher, and many more. She has made appearances on TV shows like “How Do I Look, Mind Your Manner, The Tyra Banks Show and I’ll Take the Dress”. She has toured with L’OREAL cosmetics, and worked with OPRAH & O Magazine.

More of Gomez-Duplessis work can be seeing at and you can keep up with her on her daily blog at

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bada Bing Tinglers

This past weekend while in Miami I had the pleasure to meet Jillian Altit, the creator and founder of Jillicious Cosmetics. She was in the the Style Suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel we attended on Friday afternoon. She gave us a quick overview of her makeup line and I have to say I fell in love with her Bada Bing Tinglers. They are lip glosses that give your lips a great shine, some plump action, and are non sticky. They come in different flavors and scents plus leave you with a cool feeling and freshened breath. How can you not love that! She came up with cool names for the different colors and said the inspiration behind the line was her boyfriend. She said she made a line that was boyfriend kissing friendly, because we girls no how men hate sticky lip glosses all over their mouths. My favorite colors are the Lick my candy and Chocolate raspberry, which I got to take home with me. Jillian was a doll and I love her products. Check out her website at, I promise you will love them.

See Ya!

PRITI Nails on the Runway

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim five top designers fell in love with ex-model Kim D’Amato all over again. But instead of D’Amato gorgeous face, heads were turning from the great nail colors of PRITI. PRITI in Sanskrit meaning with love, or pleasure sensation has a complete non-toxic nail polish line designed and specifically named after beautiful flowers, and plants that they resemble like; Magic Man Iris, China Pink Tulip, White Ballet Dahlia, and Shirley Temple Peony.

PRITI nails are fast drying, chip resistant, and super glossy which was the buzz in Miami. PRITI also makes a soy nail polish remover, making it safe for the little young divas and even expecting mothers to be.

PRITI nails were definitely a show stopper on the runway this summer. With a variety of great colors, I am sure you can find the right shade for you for any season.

Priti Polish $12.50


Monday, July 20, 2009

MUSIC VIDEO:Calvin Harris "I'm Not Alone"

Everybody knows how much I love music in every month I find a song I fall in love with...well this month is no different. While in Miami last weekend working the ED HARDY & TRUE RELIGION fashion show and covering stories for POSH Magazine for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, this song came on in the store while shopping with MISS SASSY. Once again I fell in love...with music. I ran up to the front to ask the sales guy the name of the song. He had to stop the tape to write the song down for replay it. Enjoy my new luv CALVIN HARRIS with "I'm Not Alone".

Of course there is a bad ass remix that is going to be my favorite to workout to. The remix is by an awesome dj name DJ DEADMAU5...check it out.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Highlights

So I just had one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to my bestie B, I got to experience Miami and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim collection 2010 for the very first time. It was an emotional and joyous blessing for the both of us and Im so happy I got to share those experiences with her.

My favorite moments of the trip were many, so Ill try to be brief. The Ed Hardy and True Religion swimsuit shows were fabolous. The designs were awesome and being able to experience a real fashion show made the whole experience so overwhelming. It was defiently not what I expereinced when I did fashion shows here in New Orleans. It was a little hectic backstage, but I loved every minute of it.

I also loved meeting Dina Manzo from the New Jersey Housewives. She was so down to earth, which I wasn't expecting, and her daughter Lexi was a doll. They talked to us like we lived in New Jersey, right next door, or something.
I loved being pampered and catered to at the different suites. Everyone made you feel so comfortable. I left with so many gift bags, I had to check my luggage in on the flight back.

I loved the scenery. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was great the entire trip.

Surprisingly, I met some great people, who were real, humble, and very down to earth. Shi, Fawn Author, Jeff Lubell, Lacey, Sarah, and Luis of the Ed Hardy and True Religion team; Kolby, Landon, Brian; Jillian of Jillious Cosmetics; Micheal of the Ritz Carlton; Kristen and the whole Body Sculpt Team; Myrdith Leon-McCormack and Dawn, and everyone else who made our stay grand, thank you soooo very, very much for your generosity and kindness. I didn't expect such kind people to be introduced into my life and am so thankful that people like them still exist amongst all the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

This is a definitely a trip I will never forget. Hopefully its not my last, I take that back, It won't be!
See Ya!!!!