Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shoe Envy: Burberry and British In Style Magazine

Now that fall has arrived and winter is right around the corner, ladies its time to revamp our boot game. I love these straight jacket buckle boots by Burberry. Not only are they edgy but they still exude sexy and can easily go from day to night. Seen on Nicole Richie in British InStyle Magazine.

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Miss Sassy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoe Envy: Fever Shoes

Love, love, love this shoe. Designed by Atlanta native Natischa Harvey, Tiff by Fever Shoes, is definitely hot and sexy. Seen on Angela Simmons and Raven Simone, just to name a few, this fairly reasonably priced beauty is a must have this holiday season. Ranging between $200-$275 how can you pass up this deal, but you will have to wait because they are already on back order. Check out for more of Natischa's fierce designs from sneakers to fall boots, to great party pumps.

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Miss Sassy

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Day at BIBI Salon in Harlem, NY

Many of you know I was busy working Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. But what many of you guys may not know that I was also a special guest makeup artist at BIBI Salon in Harlem.

BIBI Salon is a new, modern gem in Harlem owned by Celebrity Hair Stylist Maisha Teacher. Maisha is a 18 year internationally veteran who specializes in healthy hair. Her favorite and only hair product line she will carry is; PHYTO. I love that Maisha has taken a chance to bring her love and passion of hair to Harlem. Now, ladies don't have to travel so far into the city to receive a great cut, color, style and even a manicure or pedicure....she's carrying PRITI NYC.

Maisha says she will continue to freelance but plan to bring her top clients to her new salon. While getting pamper it was good to see many FAB behind the scene faces in the industry stop by to get their tresses done. One of the video director from Essence Magazine was getting her washed, cut, and styled in a very cute short bob. One of the ladies from the NBA was getting her hair color just in time for fall. Even the FAB Jai Jai from the Nectar Bar stopped by to say hi.

With all of the new renovation ladies never have to leave out of Harlem...when you walk out of BIBI Salon you're now ready for Harlem Fashion Row....I'll see you in November so book your makeup services now.

2220 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10026
212.932.2221 Fax

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently reside in New Orleans but will be relocating to New York. Brandy is also a L'OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist. You can also keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog "Inside The Life of A Makeup Artist", her fashion blog "Black Tie Stiletto" or follow her glamxurious tweets on twitter.

I'm a Barbie Girl!!!!

Dolly Forever Barbie

Cat Burglar Barbie

OMG how cute are these!!!! Christian Louboutin not only makes FABULOUS shoes and purses, but now he has come out with his very own limited edition collector's item Barbie Dolls! I swear I have liked died and went to heaven. Each doll comes with four pair of red sole louboutins, bag and its own box. Retailing for $150 at A perfect gift for all the fashion and Barbie lovers. I just love Stacey Bendet's 4 am finds.

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Miss Sassy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Insider: Celerity Makeup Artist Talks Career & Beauty Tips

Recently, The Fashion Insider Magazine caught up with Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy for a revealing interview. Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, a L’Oréal Paris Pro Makeup Artist, is making a huge buzz on the streets of New Orleans, New York, and Miami. Brandy who describes her style as “GLAMXURIOUS,” has been featured in Essence, Vibe, People, Modern Bride, and Teen Vogue magazines just to name a few. Brandy will also be working for 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York.

Interviewed By Nikki Wattie of Fashion Insider. Read the interview here.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is now based out of New York and part time she is in New Orleans. She is also a L’OREAL Paris Pro-Makeup Artist. Brandy writes for Anti-Bride and Destination I Do bridal magazine. Brides can book Brandy makeup service in New York, Miami, and New Orleans for their weddings. Brandy is also the Beauty Editor for Caribbean Posh Magazine in the St. Thomas and POIZE Magazine based out of Canada. Follow Brandy on Twitter and read all of her glamxurious tweets.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Essence Magazine with Street Style at Fashion Week

After leaving the InStyle Lounge I walked across to The Lincoln Center. @Essenceonline was filming their Street Style segment and asked me to be a part.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Priti NYC at BIBI Salon in New York

During Essence Music Festival in July 2010, Maisha Teacher owner of BiBi Salon and I were talking backstage about her salon opening. We discussed all the different products to carry and I shared with her my favorite nail polish company called PRITI NYC. PRITI NYC is an organic non-toxic nail polish line own by Kim D'Amato. PRITI NYC has a sexy following from A-List celebrities to trendy fashionista. Just last week many of the models fingers were painted backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

So if you want to keep up with the latest look in nail colors this fall, stop by BIBI Salon in Upper Manhattan/Harlem.

My favorite summer nail color from PRITI NYC this fall will be; Stemless Gentian...a dark purple/grape color.

Picture courtesy of PRITI NYC
Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is based out of New York & New Orleans. Brandy is also a L'OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist. Follow her GLAMXURIOUS tweets on twitter.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Having a Dirty Burger with a Skinny Girl Margarita

"GIRLS NIGHT OUT" at Thunder Jackson's in the Village was so much fun. Melissa Paldino, Diana Manzanares and myself wanted to do something that was just relaxed and casual. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and NY Fashion Week has been really busy for us all so we just wanted to have fun.Heard how great the food was at this spot so
Melissa recommend that I order the famous DIRTY BURGER and Beer Battered onion rings. I may not look like it but I am a burger girl. Whenever I go out I always order a burger when I don't see anything on the menu. So I was hyped about trying this famous burger.
Well, the order comes out in the DIRTY BURGER is wrapped in newspaper and house ketchup and the delicious truffle mayo. The soft steamed bun will melt in your mouth.The DIRTY BURGER has NO: cheese, lettuce and/or onions. The DIRTY BURGER is a damn shame I could have easily eaten 2 more. I have never had anything like it before in my life.  The beer battered onion rings was really good, very golden in crispy just like I like.
Our first 2 drinks of the night was Bethenny Frankel drink The SKINNY GIRL margarita.I really don't know why I bother after eating a burger with onion rings. To say it's suppose to be less calories I must say I actually enjoyed them. Later we moved on to an adult shots; grape vodka. We had a great time...just don't remember much after the 5th shots....

Thunder Jackson's
169 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elite Insider; Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Right before my crazy schedule started for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I was able to get with Valerie Warrington of Beauty and the Budget. Hope you enjoy the interview....
Brandy Gomez-Duplessis coined the phrase: "Glam Life of a Makeup Artist," and she certainly lives by it. A celebrity makeup artist, she has been featured in numerous media outlets including the Tyra Banks Show, the Style Network, and TLC. She's done makeup for Kim Kardashian, Jordin Sparks, Brad Pitt, Fall Out Boy, Usher, Justin Bieber, and singer Deborah Cox among many other celebrities. Her work has been featured in many notable popular magazines like Essence Magazine, Teen People, and Modern Bride.

For a woman who began working as a part time Estee Lauder counter clerk, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has worked hard to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She's the epitome of an elite insider, and I was so glad to snag an interview with her last week before she scurried off to Fashion Week!

Read the full interview with Valerie Warrington on Beauty and the Budget and follow her on twitter.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Saints Home Opener

This past Thursday was the Saint's season opener against Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings. It was a special moment for me and many other die hard fans since that spectacular Superbowl win back in February. NFL themed floats rolled through the French Quarters. Taylor Swift and The Dave Matthews band rocked Jackson square filled with approximately 90,000 people. The Superbowl banner was dropped from the Dome rafters accompanied by fire works and Harry Connick performing When the Saints Go Marching In. The Who Dat chant lead by Drew Brees electrified the Dome sending chills up one's spine. Colbie Caillat blew us away with her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Anticipation was definitely high for this rematch of the NFC South Championship game, but as the night went on, the performance was only minimal. It was a low scoring game, however, a win is a win. 14-9 and the Saints are still undefeated and the 2009 Superbowl Champs!

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Miss Sassy

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Korto Momolu SS 2011 Collection at NY Fashion Week

I got off from my L'OREAL Paris @LOREALParisUSA  Elnett Satin Hair Spray assignment at 5:00pm. Met up with hairstylist Melissa Paldino, a Sexy Hair Expert at Blackstones Restaurant on 245 E. 55th St. Sat down and ordered food and received a call from makeup artist Diana Manzanares. A makeup artist didn't show and Key Makeup Artist Ashunta Sheriff needed another makeup artist NOW!. Diana asked if I wanted to fill in and of course being the workaholic that I am, I said yes. Diana text me the address, I flagged down a cab, jumped in and was on my way to do makeup at a show.

As I arrived to the SkyLight West at 500 West 36th Street, the first person I see at the door as I get out of the cab was the FAB Publicist, BJ Coleman. I was directed to go upstairs. I located Ashunta and Diana. As Ashunta was working on a model, she gave me a 60 second run through of the makeup look she wanted. She told me to go for a clean bronzed look. She thanked me for coming over really quick and the girls made room for me as I was able to work out of Diana and  Ashunta's makeup kits. I noticed across the room that the hairstylist has given the models a crimped twisted braided up-sweep hairstyle.

Still not knowing that I was on the 12th floor during makeup backstage for a designer who's work I was a fan of, I was only able to help with 3 models. The last amazing model I hand picked as I saw her from the corner of my eyes just sitting waiting for a makeup artist to become free. Not until everyone was done, Ashunta took some of the makeup artists downstairs to the 11th floor to do touch ups. This is when I realized who I was working with.

I was a part of Project Runway Liberian designer Korto Momolu SS 2011 Collection. I was surrounded by the amazing pieces of Momolu's West African heritage and even Momolu's own jewelry and handbags line. My favorite piece was a bright yellow dress from the collection that Korto said was inspired by "birds" and their freedom. The icing on the cake was that one of my models was wearing it.

After finishing touching up my models, one of Korto girls came over and asked me to touch Korto up since Ashunta was busy. I was honored that she selected me, so I went over and touched up Korto before she walked the runway and all the photo-op began...."glam life of a makeup artist"

Photo Courtsey of AO Frantz

Photo Courtsey of Vithaya Phongsavan for SVELTE, LLC

Photo Courtsey of Brandy Gomez-Duplessis
Photo Courtsey of AO Frantz
Photo Courtsey of Vithaya Phongsavan for SVELTE, LLC

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is now based out of New York and part time in New Orleans. She is also a L’OREAL Paris Pro-Makeup Artist and brides can book Brandy in New York, Miami, and New Orleans. She will be in New York working Fashion Night Out & Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in September. Follow Brandy on Twitter and read all of her glamxurious tweets.

Goodbye for Now: RHONJ

Okay so finally season 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has ended. These ladies definitely kept all entertained, but maybe just a little too much for some of us. I don't even know where to begin. Ill just stick with the theatrics at the reunion, so here goes..

If any of us forgot how strong Theresa was in season one, she quickly reminded us again within the first 10 minutes of the reunion show. I mean, come on Andy. This is the same woman who flipped a table, tossed Christopher, and pushed Joe during the finale last season. Oh, did I forget to mention, she also dragged people at the fashion show who were trying to hold her back. I think everyone should PAY ATTENTION, Theresa doesn't like to be held or grabbed. She is one STRONG WOMAN. I also don't get why everyone is so consumed with her financial issues. She is not the first one nor will she be the last to file bankruptcy. So what, who isn't feeling the heat from the economy and still buys stuff they shouldn't or can't afford. She does however need to learn some self control when it comes to Danielle. She's crazy, let it go. Loved her dress btw!

Caroline kept it 100 as usual and you got to love her for that. She wasn't buying any of psycho Danielle's bs and she wasn't backing down for anything. I loved how she handled that nut job at the end telling her flat out, "I still don't like you, nor do I care if your apology is sincere or not." I never saw her as a bully or a puppet-teer. She just speaks her mind and tells things as she sees it. Never faking the funk for anyone. Love her!

Jacqueline on the other hand was quite confusing to me. She started full force mud slinging psycho D and then had an epiphany at the end, apologizing for her behavior and actions the whole season. I mean this woman just encouraged another human being to wish your child would commit suicide and then tried to wiggle her way out of it. Maybe she just felt it was the best way to get rid of her forever, but to me you just invited her right back in, because she is definitely cuckoo for cocoa puffs and twists everything around. Prime example: that ridiculous hug. If Jacqueline wasn't uncomfortable, hell I was.

Now on to this schizo Danielle. WTF! You rant and yell, you cry and run, you never answer the question and when you do it makes no sense at all. What planet is this lady from? Who the hell brings a head to demonstrate how hard it was to pull her weave out that supposedly traumatized her for life. Give me a break. Yes Ashley shouldn't have put her hands on you, but I know way worse things that could of happened then hair pulling. She is always stirring up stuff to later retreat like a scared lil puppy. She is too damn old for that bs. She needs to focus on herself and kids and stop trying to fit in with the "popular girls". This is not high school sweetie. If they don't want to hang so be it, find people who do.

All the ladies need to move forward and focus on the love and light. With that, I'm happy Danille gone but I'm sure she'll wiggle her way back in like the little snake she is. This show is exhausting. Until next season!

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Miss Sassy

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Night Out 2010-New York

The GLAMXURIOUS night is finally here. For me it's the kick off party to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. After getting off from working a L'OREAL Paris assignment in Times Square I headed over to the Time Inc. building to meet up with one of my BESTIE'S. I hung out at her office for a little while but I knew I needed to get ready for the big night. She gave me the key to her gorgeous apartment in The Village and I took a cab to her place. Once I got settled in I walked down to the market to buy a bottle of wine and snacks. While the wine chilled I freshened up so when she arrived home I would be ready to do her makeup.

After I did her makeup she headed out I finished up my makeup and got dressed. I pulled out my FAB long black Valentino skirt, my long-sleeve gray Fashion Night Out t-shirt, my black Christian Louboutin sandals, my glam necklace from Miss Sassy and my favorite crystal chandelier earrings.

Had a great time, two invites that I couldn't miss was:

Internet Mogul and Beauty Icon Loren Ridinger at Touch Lounge, at 5:00 pm.
Designer Tracy Reese at 641 Hudson Street 6:00pm-11:00pm.

I basically stayed in the, The Village, Meat Package District, area until I met up with the girls in SOHO... thanks to STARBUCK for their party bus. So many highlights this evening. "glam life of a makeup artist"

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is now based out of New York and part time she is in New Orleans. She is also a L’OREAL Paris Pro-Makeup Artist. Brandy writes for Anti-Bride and Destination I Do bridal magazine. Brides can book Brandy makeup service in New York, Miami, and New Orleans for their weddings. Brandy is also the Beauty Editor for Caribbean Posh Magazine in the St. Thomas and POIZE Magazine based out of Canada. Follow Brandy on Twitter and read all of her glamxurious tweets.