Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodbye for Now: RHONJ

Okay so finally season 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has ended. These ladies definitely kept all entertained, but maybe just a little too much for some of us. I don't even know where to begin. Ill just stick with the theatrics at the reunion, so here goes..

If any of us forgot how strong Theresa was in season one, she quickly reminded us again within the first 10 minutes of the reunion show. I mean, come on Andy. This is the same woman who flipped a table, tossed Christopher, and pushed Joe during the finale last season. Oh, did I forget to mention, she also dragged people at the fashion show who were trying to hold her back. I think everyone should PAY ATTENTION, Theresa doesn't like to be held or grabbed. She is one STRONG WOMAN. I also don't get why everyone is so consumed with her financial issues. She is not the first one nor will she be the last to file bankruptcy. So what, who isn't feeling the heat from the economy and still buys stuff they shouldn't or can't afford. She does however need to learn some self control when it comes to Danielle. She's crazy, let it go. Loved her dress btw!

Caroline kept it 100 as usual and you got to love her for that. She wasn't buying any of psycho Danielle's bs and she wasn't backing down for anything. I loved how she handled that nut job at the end telling her flat out, "I still don't like you, nor do I care if your apology is sincere or not." I never saw her as a bully or a puppet-teer. She just speaks her mind and tells things as she sees it. Never faking the funk for anyone. Love her!

Jacqueline on the other hand was quite confusing to me. She started full force mud slinging psycho D and then had an epiphany at the end, apologizing for her behavior and actions the whole season. I mean this woman just encouraged another human being to wish your child would commit suicide and then tried to wiggle her way out of it. Maybe she just felt it was the best way to get rid of her forever, but to me you just invited her right back in, because she is definitely cuckoo for cocoa puffs and twists everything around. Prime example: that ridiculous hug. If Jacqueline wasn't uncomfortable, hell I was.

Now on to this schizo Danielle. WTF! You rant and yell, you cry and run, you never answer the question and when you do it makes no sense at all. What planet is this lady from? Who the hell brings a head to demonstrate how hard it was to pull her weave out that supposedly traumatized her for life. Give me a break. Yes Ashley shouldn't have put her hands on you, but I know way worse things that could of happened then hair pulling. She is always stirring up stuff to later retreat like a scared lil puppy. She is too damn old for that bs. She needs to focus on herself and kids and stop trying to fit in with the "popular girls". This is not high school sweetie. If they don't want to hang so be it, find people who do.

All the ladies need to move forward and focus on the love and light. With that, I'm happy Danille gone but I'm sure she'll wiggle her way back in like the little snake she is. This show is exhausting. Until next season!

See Ya!
Miss Sassy

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