Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Wedding

What a great way to spend a Sunday evening but with family. CONGRATS Kelly!!! thanks for letting me be your makeup artist on your special day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Essie Must Have Holiday Gifts

So what do you get a girl who love to pamper her hands for the holidays...Essie Boutique put together a few great holiday gift sets that will be great on everybody wallet.

PerfectHands & Nails
Keep hands and nails hydrated and perfectly beautiful

Gift Set Includes:
cranberry / tangerine smoothies 2 fl.oz.
forever young
mega mini apricot cuticle oil

4 mega minis for the perfect French manicure

Gift Set Includes:
good to go!

Their best selling nail color and award winning fastest drying top coat

Gift Set Includes:
free mega mini good to go!

New Wedding Planner

Had a great meeting today with a new wedding planner Daquari DeLeon. Jessica Deben my BFF Makeup Artist thought it would be good for us to get together...Brandy & Daquari, what a team:)))

Daquari came by the downtown office to see me and she was on time cuz you now that is such a pet peeve of mine...TARDINESS. She's was very pleasant and very passionate about her company.

Bride& is a website for both brides and vendors. What I love about the site is that brides can rate and review you and VENDORS can respond back to either a positive or negative review. Daquari will monitor everything so that's a plus. None of that fake postings. She is also working on this cute section where brides can try out different hairstyles on the site. Her rates are really good vendors so when you guys get a chance go check her out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Photo Shoot In Baton Rouge

I really had a great time in Baton Rouge even though my day started with me getting up at 4:45 am. The location was at the Governor's Mansion so I decided that I would rock my "BRAD PITT FOR MAYOR" T-shirt. I had a total of 8 ladies to do makeup on and each got 2 looks;beauty & glam. I got to work with hairstylist Kenneth Grant and David Bechet. I was excited that Allision one of the young lady had something in common; MIAMI. So we chatted all day. I took some behind the scene shots but it was such a busy day I was only able to use my iPhone. Hope you can see the makeup since I don't have a flash on my phone.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Friday evening was great because I was able to spend it with my hubby and MISS SASSY. We just spent the evening hanging out and we laughed and laughed all night long. The city felt like it was a full moon over us. We saw many funny looking things right before our eyes. As you know when I laugh I start crying and the later it gets the worst I tear. My drink of choice all evening was a buttery nipple...luv them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paranormal Activity

This Halloween was a pretty quiet one. I couldn't do the normal party and dress up because I was fighting the flu and a respiratory infection since that Monday. Although I knew I should have been inside still resting, I just had to get out for a lil while. I was so tired of looking at the walls and going from bed to couch, couch to bed. So I spent my Halloween at the movies with the BF checking out Paranormal Activity. This movie had me on pins and needles and I'm not the scary type. My heart was racing and I was literally on the edge of my seat. I guess because I believe in that type of stuff, I was more affected. I wasn't the only one though because several people were leaving throughout, but I had to stay. After all I got up out of my bed still not a 100%, so I had to see how this movie turned out. Overall, I enjoyed it but I didn't sleep well the next two nights thinking of everything I had just seen. Go check it out and be part of the phenomena.

See Ya!!


OMG...finally I am back in rid of that NASTY FLU that I picked up when I was on the road. I stepped off the plane on October 27th feelin like crap thinking my body was run down since I was on the road for 3 months back 2 back with days off here & there. All my off days was spent working another prior makeup assignment, flying to other cities then catching back up with L'OREAL. A lot of times the weather was guys know how much I hate cold weather, I'm a CARIBBEAN girl. I'm am also sure mentally I was drained with the whole stalker thing "DERRICK" in North Carolina.
I am back, have to play catch up so give me a few days guys...


I don't know why I didn't let you guys know that I have a twitter page. It came in handy while on the road with L'OREAL. As many of you all know I was not able to keep up with my blog because of the long hours so TWITTER became my best friend for 3months, ask my L'OREAL buddies...:)))

So for everyone that has been asking what's my twitter page it's;