Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I got a chance to attend the advance screening of Micheal Jackson's This Is It. I must say I was extremely pleased by this documentary. Kenny Ortega, the director did a beautiful job showing rare behind the scenes footage of the rehearsals of MJ's much anticipated London tour. Whether you believe this film is just another attempt to exploit and make money off the King of Pop's untimely and shocking death, you will have to admit the overwhelming joy and respect you have for MJ after seeing this. I totally saw MJ in a different light. Although at times he seemed frail and winded, what this man was capable of doing at his age was phenomenal. What he has given to music and to the world was showcased at its best to his fans. He was truly an artist and strived for perfecting his craft all the while staying truly humble and appreciative to others who were working with him on this project. The artistic vision for this show was extraordinary and this tour would have been one to talk about for years to come. The dancers, the musicians, the stage props, the choreography were so well put together. Just seeing the behind the scenes footage had everyone in the theater breaking out in applause and melody. Truly a film to see and a DVD to put in your collection. MJ is truly priceless and will be greatly missed. He will forever be the King of POP!!!!! Gotta check it out!!!

See Ya!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Hair

I went to see the Good Hair screening yesterday and found myself leaving the theater with all these hair issues and questions. The movie was comical and informative, but I feel like a lot of things were unanswered and a lil misinformed or misrepresented. I just don't truly agree that African American women started this whole hair weave, extension, wig phenomena. I actually learned at the age of ten that Caucasian women were wearing extensions and that was not their real hair from my fav soap opera the Young and the Restless. I was shocked to see Melody Thorton's and Sharon Case's (Nikki and Sharon) hair was not as long, thick and beautiful as I admired for so long. I don't want to make this a race issue so I'm just going to say that weaves, extensions, wigs have been around a long time, its just now I think its more acceptable in every community so people talk about it more. I did find it shocking that women were putting perms in children's heads as early as the age of 1 years old. Like wtf is that about. Perms are strong chemicals and children are still developing so why would anyone do that; that was just baffling to me. I know our hair can be a little unmanageable, but a child should remain free from chemicals at such early ages. I was also astounded at the black market in India and what they do to sell hair to the US. It amazes me to see what hair really means in a woman's culture. Definitely an eye opener. I think good hair is just a word and it should only stand for healthy hair in any form that makes you happy. Pretty good movie, so I say go check it out. I have too much to say on this so I'm going to just stop here.

See Ya!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saints vs. Giants

Yesterday me and the BF attended the Saints vs. Giants game. Boy was this game a doozy. I was so torn because I am a die hard, home town Saints fan, but I love me some Eli Manning and the Giants. I also love the Colts and Peyton. I think I just have a major crush on the Manning boys, hahah!!! Anyway, I didn't know if we could pull this game off but not only did we pull it off, we issued some major whoop azz to these boys. Our defense was on point. Shout out to Darren Sharper who never lets you down and my boy Will Smith, along with the rest of the defense. The offense held us down too. Drew Breezy is the truth!!! Exciting season so far, but I'm happy my boys are taking it one game at a time and one play at a time, always eating their humble pie. We got a long season but for now I'm doing my Darren Sharper end zone dance, shake it baby shake it!

See Ya!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

This past Thursday, me and moms went to see the advance screening of Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx and Mr. Sparta himself, Gerard Butler. Jamie Foxx plays this hot shot Philly D.A. and Butler plays the husband whose wife and daughter have been killed in a home burglary and takes matters into his own hands after the justice system fails him. I thought this movie was action packed and had some really great unexpected twist. I found myself debating whether Butler's character was the villain or the hero, and what would I do if that was me. Suspenseful and fun, a great date movie! Go check it out.
See Ya!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

It's OFFICIAL my B-DAY! Thanks everyone 4 all the kind words and best wishes it really means at lot to me. Today I will have not have my phone. I am going to indulge and enjoy myself with everything.

Oh, how old am I today...AGELESS

Love You Guys