Monday, October 19, 2009

Saints vs. Giants

Yesterday me and the BF attended the Saints vs. Giants game. Boy was this game a doozy. I was so torn because I am a die hard, home town Saints fan, but I love me some Eli Manning and the Giants. I also love the Colts and Peyton. I think I just have a major crush on the Manning boys, hahah!!! Anyway, I didn't know if we could pull this game off but not only did we pull it off, we issued some major whoop azz to these boys. Our defense was on point. Shout out to Darren Sharper who never lets you down and my boy Will Smith, along with the rest of the defense. The offense held us down too. Drew Breezy is the truth!!! Exciting season so far, but I'm happy my boys are taking it one game at a time and one play at a time, always eating their humble pie. We got a long season but for now I'm doing my Darren Sharper end zone dance, shake it baby shake it!

See Ya!!

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