Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wedding Makeup Article

I got a call this morning at 7:52 am, and I jumped up thinking my bride was calling me because I wasn't at the hotel. You know that maybe I over slept or something. But it was a new bride calling to book me after seeing an article on me in this month Gambit Weekly L'Image Wedding Insert. I was so exhausted that all I can hear was an exciting young girl on the other end who was just going on and on. I was just relived that it wasn't my bride calling me saying I was a no show. That is something that scare me all the time that one day I am going to be so tired that I will over sleep and not show up to one of my brides wedding.

So of course, I roll over and pull up the Gambit page (laptop next to my side of the bed)and sure enough there's a picture of me and an interview I did with them some time ago on page 22 and 23. Because, it's been a minute I completely forgot all about it and my publicist has not called me to tell me anything. I guess she was not informed either.

What a great way to start my SATURDAY...Thanks Gambit for featuring me in L'Image...I love you guys. Off to my bride Scarlet Pollard at the Lowes Hotel.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VIDEO:Essence Magazine

The next two days you may see me running around outside with the Exec Video Producer of Essence Magazine. The host NANA will be the talent on this assignment. I will also be working with her twice a day during Essence Music Festival.

Tomorrow we start the day od at City Hall interviewing Mayor Ray Nagin.

So if you see me out stop to say hi:)

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nene feliz de Cumpleaños

Nene feliz de Cumpleañ lil man is getting up there. Happy B-Day Jordan...

Memorial Day Weekend

Its already Tuesday and the Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. I had a pleasant holiday, but it was nothing like I had wanted. Initially, I had nothing planned for this holiday because I had no clue I was off. I have been so busy with school and work that I assumed Monday was going to be just a regular work day, running back and forth from work to school. Once I found out differently, I immediately tried to make plans with B and the fam. Well Friday we did the shoot and Saturday both B and my mom had to work all day so that was a no go. I tried to book rooms at the Beau Rivage thinking me and BF could go on Saturday and B and her fam and my mom could just come up Sunday and join us, but they were all booked. DUH on a big holiday, why would there be rooms available, what was I thinking. So now B is trying to come up with ideas. We have a friend who use to stay here and he still owns property so B gives him a call and he says its OK to use his condo and gives us the code. He has a totally blonde moment bc he says all we need is the code forgetting we also need a key to actually get in the condo itself. So I go and investigate before we make fools of ourselves on Monday and realize we can definitely use the pool area but we have NO access to the condo. That would have been fine if we didnt need to use the restroom or store food. So although a nice jester, this was a NO. Womp! We also try plan B as B would say, to use a hotel where B had just did a wedding but the guy never got back to us so once again Womp. On to plan C, we would drive up to the beach on Monday and just hang out on the beach and eat seafood. Well, that would have worked if it didn't storm half the day. Womp once again. After all these unsuccessful attempts, I gave up.

I did however play tourist in the French Quarter on Monday evening around 3pm with the BF. After living here for 6 years he has never walked the French Quarters so I was the tour guide. We had a good time and later went to eat at Cheesecake before heading home to watch the Lakers get that azz spanked. Overall a good holiday just a few speed bumps!! I know next year to plan a little earlier.

See Ya!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Bride:PAULA

Here is a little glimpse of my Saturday bride Paula and her now HUSBAND Kristopher wedding. Paula hired me to stay with her all day so I ended my evening around 10pm. Robin, my BFF Wedding planner son Seth brought me back to the mansion. It was a great wedding, love the decor and the dinner menu was very nice. Can you believe I didn't eat cocktail dessert of choice was the sweet lemonade. I was able to capture a small video of the couple as they came out of the ceremony...A popular New Orleans wedding way to start your marriage.

Saturday Movie: The Reader

Since my mom and B are working today and my BF is coaching, I decided to catch up on some of the movies I have missed. I chose The Reader with Kate Winslet. This was a very good movie and Kate was totally deserving of her Oscar win for this role.

The movie was about a woman ( Kate Winslet) who has a secretive affair during the summer of WWII with a young boy (David Kross) whom read to her before every encounter they shared. Their summer romance ends abruptly, leaving the then 15 year old boy confused and heartbroken. She resurfaces 8 years later in this now young man's life when she is on trial for her participation in the Nazi War crimes where hundreds of Jewish women were killed in a Nazi concentration camp. He is forced to decide whether or not to divulge pertinent information he knows about this woman that could help her case, information she is unwilling to disclose herself. Years later this man (Ralph Fiennes) is still dealing with effects of the trial and how this woman has impacted his life.

The movie was very compelling and towards the end I found myself in tears due to the outcome. Great movie!

See Ya!!!

Photoshoot Frenzy

In the last week I have done two photoshoots with my girl B for her magazine articles she has been working on. It was so much fun working with her again. It was like old times, back in the day when I use to model. Part of me really misses modeling, but the modeling business is not all glamour and glitz like many think. I love being made up and styled, the different locations and sets, and having the attention on me, but I don't miss the grueling hours. It is also very physically tiring. I was so sore after each shoot andlost at least a pound each time. The losing weight part was a good thing though. Sunday I put in 8 hours and worked with my girl Kristen whom I met modeling 5 years ago and Friday I put in another 8 hours. Friday's shoot was the hardest because I had been up since 5 am and running back and forth between work and school. I'm so happy that B got the looks she was going for and that she asked me to work with her again. Fun times, fun times!! We will share some of the pics real soon.

See Ya!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

PHOTOS: Sneak Peek, Cool Makeup

As you saw earlier I got my hair styled by the most FAB son Jordan Armani. I have two photo shoots today. One with my bride Amy from out of town. Oh gosh, she was awesome and a pleasure to work with. She's a gorgeous girl, so I gave her a Cali babe look. That's what she looked like when I was done enhancing her.

My second shoot was from 4:00-10:30pm by Fred new studio. Fred and I have also have a great working relationship, we joke around a lot on set. I met Fred at my first makeup studio and we have worked together for a long time. He has also taken pics of the kids when they use to model. So, he's another extension to the family. Fred, genuine has love for me and he's loyal to me I never have to worry about Fred using me to only better his career. Still to this day Fred is mad at this one person who clled me "GIRL", I love him for that and he's awesome.

Miss Sassy and Shaun was the model for this shoot. I think it went well. It's always great working with my BFF. Sometimes, it don't feel like I am working. It's like playing when MISS Sassy is on set with me. My baby girl Envy is really starting to get into hanging out at photo shoots and helping out. I am so glad to have her around. She is really good with directing on set, taking pics and just being a great assistant. Everybody tells me all the time that the reason why I can't keep an assistnat is because Envy will be the chosen one once she gets of age. Maybe, a career in the fashion industry after all.

Check out some of the pics that Envy took. It was a long night, Miss Sassy and Envy started getting tired at the end. Envy joked to her dad that she got fired about 7 times that night. At the end Miss Sassy said no more. She was the one who called "IT'S A WRAP". I think Fred managed to get some great shot and I got some great makeup looks. I love that Miss Sassy looks nothing like herself on some of the pics. I love that I can just paint her face wit heavy makeup and she rocks it well.

Shaun did much better and gave great face this time around. I sent him little text with modeling tips. I gave him tear sheets and he listened. He's a good kid and I hope he makes it cuz he has a great body and as Envy said, he has a model look.

Oh, Miss Sassy gave me a hard time about what I said about the plus size statement. But it's just like when this one person was complaining and complaining about her weight and not able to find clothes at stores anymore cuz she gained so much weight. But she eats like 3 or 4 times a day at Chef Leon restaurant. So she tells me she could not go out cuz she could not find any stores to shop at. So, I said, why don't you shop at Lane Bryant that have cute stuff. LMAO, after I said it, right. She hangs up on me. Still LMAO, cuz it was funny. But guess what she stopped complaining about her weight. So, I told Miss Sassy stop complaining, she's HOT as is and she don't have to lose any weight.

Well enjoy the pics...let me know what you think...

Getting Pep by FAB Hairstylist

I had the honor this morning to get my hair styled by the FAB hair stylist Jordan Armani Gomez-Duplessis. Before he leaves to go on one of his many summer vacations.

Not because he's my son I honestly think he has talent. Whenever I don't feel like doing my hair when I go out Jordan usually blow dry it, curl, pin it up and style it for me. I think he's awesome for his age.

Let me know what you think.
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New Jersey Housewives, Love 'Em

The season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has finally started. I'm so excited about this season. Out of all the seasons of Housewives, hands down I like them the best. These girls are fabulous. Unlike the previous housewives' shows, these women are very likable and genuinely funny. When I watch them I feel like I'm looking at the reality version of the Sopranos. Strong, Italian women (at least 4 of the 5 women) with lots of personality, attitude and sass. I love the big hair and the way they talk. I find myself waiting to see Edie Flaco come by for dinner or something.

Jacqueline seems to be the people pleaser, the sweet girl who doesn't like confrontations and unfortunately is already stuck in the middle of drama. I felt so sad for her when she broke down about her struggle to conceive again. She is such a sweet girl and I'm happy to hear she is actually expecting her third child. I hope everything goes well for her.

Danielle is sorta strange, the newly divorced Cougar. She is obviously the portrayed villain this season whose going to stir up lots of confusion. She is having phone sex with a strange dude ("Gucci Model") whom she has never physically met, whom stands her up, and then goes on blind date with a boy young enough to be her son. Hilarious! She killed me how she tried to invite herself to girls night out when she knows she is beefing with Dina. What the hell was she thinking. She seems a little too pushy especially when she went to talk to Dina at the CJ's bday party. The funniest part was when she said I think me and Dina will be good friends after all this. She is obviously delusional as well. Dina's face was priceless and I feel her, that crazy bitch might just skin her and wear her as a coat. LOL.
Caroline is definitely Boss Lady. She has this Godfather aura about her. She is the one who will take care of business when the sh*t hits the fan. I can't wait to see how she handles Ms. Danielle.
Dina and Teresa are the two divas of the show. I love them. Teresa is hilarious when it comes to spending money. I love how she pays for everything in cash. I'm just waiting for the episode when she has to purchase something for like 100 grand. Is she going to come in with briefcases and lie them on the table. LOL!! Too funny. Her kids are adorable as well. They are just a bunch of little busy bodies. The shopping scene was hysterical. I felt so bad for the store clerk. I also cant wait to see this damn house. Marble and onyx, geez!!
I'm loving this show and can't wait for more. I will definitely be tuned in every Tuesday night.
See Ya!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

another Quickie

Quick update:

Well you know I have the Essence magazine video next week for Essence Music Fest that takes place here in NOLA in July.

I have the third shoot with Essence Magazine and they will interview our Mayor. And no the city is not paying me Essence is you non Nagin fans don't go getting your panties in a ruffle.

I have two photo shoots on tomorrow one is a bridal shoot at 11am. My client is coming in from NYC and the second is for a magazine.

Using my girl MISS SASSY for an upcoming shoot.she has such a great face for makeup that I enjoy doing her makeup every chance I get, but don't tell her. I told her today if she don't wanna work out than I was going to make her a plus size model...she didn't like that ;)

I have an all day wedding on Saturday and the news expect lots of rain this weekend.

Meeting with my new manager to touch base about my schedule the next 3 months.

Need to get the casting calls going. I need to find 2 makeup artists and 1 hairstylist.

Have to redo my makeup kit tonight cuz its a mess and I found so much makeup that it just need to get organized for travel dates.

Need to pack Jordan up tonight he leaves to go to Florida. Gonna miss my partner n crime.

Just lock in two more brides last night from the South Florida area.

Need to touch base with Natasha from YBF to see if she still wants me to do her makeup.I think my manager has that on her to do list.

Out of breath just typing this. Gotta go!

Glam Life of a Makeup Artist

The Final Game????

So last Friday was the finale of CW's The Game. I'm so sad because now I don't have anymore eyecandy to watch on Friday Nights. Pooch is one of my celebrity crushes so I made sure I tuned in every Friday night. I absolutely adored this show. I was so happy that Melanie (Tia Mowry) and Derwin (Pooch Hall ) got married after all their ups and downs. The ending was so sweet. True love out weighs all afterall, :). I didn't care for how Jason played Kelly at the end, but I guess he really did move on. I felt bad for Kelly, but just like her, I was under the impression that they were going to get back together. The show left us with so many cliff hangers and unfortunately we might not ever know whats going to happen. It seems that the CW has officially cancelled The Game. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the writer can keep this show alive for a few more seasons. If not I don't know what I'm going to do :(

See Ya!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I spoke with Essence Magazine Executive Producer of Video. We went over my next week schedule. We are shooting video that will air on TV ONE for Essence Music Festival TV SHOW. The host Nana will be covering historical locations in New Orleans.

While they are in town we will also try to fit in another assignment on Tuesday. I will get my confirmation on tomorrow about that one.

We also discussed my schedule for Essence Music Festival. She wanted to know if I was able to fit in Nana the host. She would need makeup twice a day as well. Because, I don't have my schedule from the editors I don't know what times and who I will be working on as of yet. But if my schedule is like last year I was up every morning at 3am.

I have another client that booked me last year that wants me again this year. I also have Donna Joyner who I have bonded with, she's awesome. So, I don't know how my schedule is going to go but I know I will be completely booked by June.

I have to try to organize a casting call for Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist soon, cuz I will have to run a security clearance on the makeup artist and hair stylist that I have to assist me. They want me to have assistance to help with set up, prepping, touch ups, packing, just holding me down so I can get to the next location. Last year, Makeup Artist Andrea Walker "Makeup By Andrea" located in Houston was who I hire to help with B.E.T. Television at the convention center and at the dome. I also had her prep and start on some bridesmaids at a wedding for me.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


One of my favorite BFF's asked me to teach a makeup workshop at her makeup studio in Houston, TX. So, any ladies in Houston that read my blog here is your chance to take one of my classes. Of course you don't have to live in Houston but I have a large Houston following from my stats report so that's why I say that. I think when I lived in Houston for a little while and worked at Jose' Eber Salon I built a loyal clientele of women that loved me doing makeup on them for events, makeup for weddings and makeup for photo shoots. Within a month the buzz was out about me living in doing makeup in Houston.

Check out the info below about the WOMEN OF COLOR MAKEUP WORKSHOP IN HOUSTON, TX.

New Orleans-based Celebrity Makeup Artist,Brandy Gomez-Duplessis,is teaching a Women of Color workshop at the studio SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 2009. Brandy will be going over the following items in her workshop:

Tricks to matching different skintones
Products with the most diverse foundation colors
Must-haves in your kit!
Getting picture perfect foundation coverage
Makeup for HD/Digital Photography
Working with celebrity clientele

Cost: $200

50% deposit is required to reserve your spot. Only 12 spots are available.

Please visit Brandy's website to read more about her career and experience:

If you are interested in this workshop, please email us at

Checking Into REHAB

I gotta check into rehab...cuz baby MAKEUP is my disease!!!

I am doing summer cleaning today since I am home in New Orleans all week. I never got around to unpacking everything from my studio when I closed the doors at the end of Feb of this year. My husband in his BFF moved everything out the studio the day before Easter so basically my studio has been sitting in the family playroom. The kids are not to happy about it cuz they can't watch movies, play music, get on the internet or play those playstation and wii games. I been flirting with the idea every time I am home to clean in unpack but never have the time. Since this week they will be out of school I know they will want to be in this room for the summer.

So, as I clean today I keep finding makeup. Makeup stashed in bags, suitcases, bins, handbags, old makeup cases, victoria secret bag, target bags...seriously no joke. I am looking at almost $15,000 worth of makeup. Not including all my makeup that I retailed. I know I spent about $25,000 on getting that made and packaged. Now mind you, this total is NOT including my two makeup kit, my air brush kit and my duffle bag that I drag around with me everyday. This is just what I found while cleaning. I either forgot that I had it cuz I was hiding it from my husband, myself, or I just didn't have room.

What ever excuse I come up with I think I need some help, this is out of control. I can't believe in April I twisted my mouth to say to my husband I need to buy some makeup. One of my favorite makeup lines-NYX was having this crazy sale and I wanted to place an order.

Then makeup companies send me makeup to use on my celebrity clients or they sponsor makeup when I do events. I also have a suitcase full of individual and strip lashes.

When I first fell in love I never felt something so strong. Makeup was my lover and my best friend. All wrapped into one, with a ribbon on it! And I'll never give to myself to another, the way I gave it to you. Don't even recognize the ways you hit me, do you? It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back. And SEPHORA, MAC, L'OREAL, NYX, OCC, BEN NYE, SMASHBOX, MAKEUP FOREVER, your all the one to blame.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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Monday, May 18, 2009


The photo shoot for POSH MAGAZINE on Sunday was awesome...minus the TROPICAL STORM that we had. Everybody was awesome...we had a great time. Thanks to everybody that was a part of this shoot.

Here are a few behind the scene pics...Hope you can see the makeup well enough.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

weekend no joke

Half way done and my tough weekend will be over. As you know I had three weddings scheduled this weekend. Plus, Sunday I have a photo shoot with POSH magazine.

Yesterday,I met with my bride Kristiann who needed makeup for her dinner.

I have been able to lock down a location, two stylist, a hair stylist and clothing.I also worked on my face charts for how I want the hair and makeup to look. I just hope the weather holds up.

My yesterday wedding was amazing. My bride Tabitha who is a wedding/event planner from Los Angeles was beautiful,and so was her girl, they were awesome. One told me she was going to love me:) after I did her makeup she said she really loved me;) cute! Tabby got ready at the W Hotel, my second home.

After I finished Tabby I met up with Jazz Singer Stephanie Jordan who had a show. Todays makeup look was bronze and gold glitter.

L'Oreal peeps called me today to offer new dates.

Today's bride and her nine girls were also amazing. The bridal group were from everywhere; Arizona, Colorado, Memphis, and Pensacola. The look inspiration was Beach Babe and no it was not my idea, Kristiann came up with that.

Michael and I grabbed a bite to eat on our way home and we stopped by Robert house to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow.

So now I need to start getting everything ready and pulled for the photo shoot.

I have to write a few articles for the magazine tonight or maybe on Sunday night I'll write.

Miss Sassy will be one of the models tomorrow;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What a great getaway this was for us all. I was able to spend my MOTHER'S DAY weekend with my family and with Miss Sassy and her mom, who is my extended family. Sassy is not just my BFF she's like a little sister. She's such a great friend and we just laugh at each other crazy antics and blonde moments. Her mom is just as amazing. I find myself calling her mom often she's a great woman and she love her daughter so much. So, whenever we do family things both families always include the next. As I shared with you early this week we had an amazing time so as promised I am sharing our trip with you.