Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Its already Tuesday and the Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. I had a pleasant holiday, but it was nothing like I had wanted. Initially, I had nothing planned for this holiday because I had no clue I was off. I have been so busy with school and work that I assumed Monday was going to be just a regular work day, running back and forth from work to school. Once I found out differently, I immediately tried to make plans with B and the fam. Well Friday we did the shoot and Saturday both B and my mom had to work all day so that was a no go. I tried to book rooms at the Beau Rivage thinking me and BF could go on Saturday and B and her fam and my mom could just come up Sunday and join us, but they were all booked. DUH on a big holiday, why would there be rooms available, what was I thinking. So now B is trying to come up with ideas. We have a friend who use to stay here and he still owns property so B gives him a call and he says its OK to use his condo and gives us the code. He has a totally blonde moment bc he says all we need is the code forgetting we also need a key to actually get in the condo itself. So I go and investigate before we make fools of ourselves on Monday and realize we can definitely use the pool area but we have NO access to the condo. That would have been fine if we didnt need to use the restroom or store food. So although a nice jester, this was a NO. Womp! We also try plan B as B would say, to use a hotel where B had just did a wedding but the guy never got back to us so once again Womp. On to plan C, we would drive up to the beach on Monday and just hang out on the beach and eat seafood. Well, that would have worked if it didn't storm half the day. Womp once again. After all these unsuccessful attempts, I gave up.

I did however play tourist in the French Quarter on Monday evening around 3pm with the BF. After living here for 6 years he has never walked the French Quarters so I was the tour guide. We had a good time and later went to eat at Cheesecake before heading home to watch the Lakers get that azz spanked. Overall a good holiday just a few speed bumps!! I know next year to plan a little earlier.

See Ya!!

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Queen B. said...

Miss Sassy had me coming up with all kind of plans. I think by 10pm on Sunday I was at PLAN H.

Nothing was working it was the funniest thing. I guess it was a sign for me to stay home, Mama to rest and you to spend time with your BF.

I did get a lot done. I finished going through all 874 pics from 2 of the shoots.

I was trying to come up with something FAB so you can have your bbq on Memorial Day.

Glad you end up doing something cute minus the bbq.