Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anxiety Attack Anyone

So today I literally had an anxiety attack, panic attack, nervous breakdown, or just a plain case of insanity. How, why u ask? All because my dang computer at work runs slower than a damn tortoise and I couldn't buy a pair of shoes online that were on sale. I'm so pathetic, lol. I call my mom frantic and screaming like its an emergency and she rushes outside of her job, keys in hand, to figure out what has happened to me. When I finally calm down enough and catch my breath and explain to her that I couldn't buy shoes because my computer keeps freezing, she burst out in laughter. I absolutely adore my mom because she always has my back. After a minute of laughing at her poor, shopaholic child, she goes to her computer and pulls up the site to see if she could purchase them for me. How many mama's would do that for their grown azz child. She spoils me rotten. Unfortunately her efforts were all in vain bc they only had a size 12 left which is too damn BIG. So after all the hoopla, I was left to return to my office sweating bricks, hyperventilating, and with no shoes. Some one please help me!!

See YA!!!!

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