Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wedding Makeup Article

I got a call this morning at 7:52 am, and I jumped up thinking my bride was calling me because I wasn't at the hotel. You know that maybe I over slept or something. But it was a new bride calling to book me after seeing an article on me in this month Gambit Weekly L'Image Wedding Insert. I was so exhausted that all I can hear was an exciting young girl on the other end who was just going on and on. I was just relived that it wasn't my bride calling me saying I was a no show. That is something that scare me all the time that one day I am going to be so tired that I will over sleep and not show up to one of my brides wedding.

So of course, I roll over and pull up the Gambit page (laptop next to my side of the bed)and sure enough there's a picture of me and an interview I did with them some time ago on page 22 and 23. Because, it's been a minute I completely forgot all about it and my publicist has not called me to tell me anything. I guess she was not informed either.

What a great way to start my SATURDAY...Thanks Gambit for featuring me in L'Image...I love you guys. Off to my bride Scarlet Pollard at the Lowes Hotel.


Miss Eve said...

Congratulations for you darling! I'm proud of you! What a perfect start for the weekend :-)Hope you enjoy the rest of it :-) Much love: Evi

Queen B. said...

And I look good in the picture. Normally, behind the scene at events I look a HOT MESS!.

Thanks baby girl:)