Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

WTF was going on last night at the MTV Movie Awards! That was some wild sh**! From the d#ck in the box song that Forest Whitaker sung along with LeAnn Rhimes and Bruno giving Eminem some face full of azz, I was utterly confused. I don't know if the fight with Bruno and Eminem people and then Eminem leaving pissed was staged or not but Tyrese cracking up in the background was priceless. What was up with dude humping the popcorn? That was just down right weird. Hottie Robert Pattison racked up along with his Twilight costars so I was happy about that. All I can say is MTV was absolutely tripping last night.

See Ya!!


Miss Eve said...

I completely missed it this year...hope I can youtube it :-) Have a lovely day dear, much love: Evi

Sassy said...

Hey Evi doll :)! Im sure they will re air that foolishness several times during the week. You how MTV is. Im loving your pic here. Very divalicious!! Have a good one back.

Nomad said...

the fact that Eminem let Sacha Cohen land on him in that position pretty much proves that it was staged