Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Sadness

This weekend ended on a sad note. Its not what you think however. I'm sad because the Cavs have gone fishing. I so hoped that Lebron would get a chance at wining a championship and putting Kobe to shame. Such a disappointment!! I guess they should have saved those damn puppet commercials. There is always next year, right.
Also my girl LC has said goodbye to The Hills. The season finale was bitter sweet and I don't know how I'm going to manage next season without LC. I absolutely adored her! I hope she changes her mind, but I definitely understand why she has decided to leave. 5 years of cameras all in your business is bit too much.
Heidi and Spencer finally made it official. Good for them, I guess. I'm not feeling her hubby but I loved Heidi's wedding gown. I loved all the bling bling she added, truly divalicious.

And the Bitch is back. Kristin Cavalari is returning to reality TV and replacing LC. I know there will be lots of drama and I cant wait. I wonder if her and Justin Bobby are going to hook up? I already feel there will be tension between her and Audrina. Also Stephanie has already confirmed her and Kristin don't get along either. Drama, Drama!

See Ya!!!

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