Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Jersey Housewives Finale

So the moment I had been waiting for since last Tuesday has finally come. The Finale just aired and boy was it a doozey. From the wtf moments to the lmao moments, I will say these girls were indeed the best out of all the housewives' shows and the finale proved it.
Okay so where do I begin. The first half hour was a lil boring. Jacqueline gave her daughter the car they had been hiding for six weeks, Theresa showed Dina her new house, Caroline introduced us to her attack dog, and Psycho aka Danielle tells her children of the book and ask them to trust her above all others. Yawn!! Caroline's attack dog was the highlight of that half hour. Too funny! How Mafioso is that; like do you really need an attack dog in the suburbs. Hilarious!!

Next half hour, drama, drama, drama. Loved it! Theresa invites everyone including Danielle to dinner. Big mistake. Like did she really think they were going to play nice. The look on everyone's faces when Danielle walked into the room was priceless. All you heard was crickets and from that moment you knew the sh*t was going to hit the fan. Danielle being the drama queen and psycho that she is pulls out "the book" and puts it on the table. WTF!!!! Was that really necessary. It wasn't the time or the place for that bs. If she felt so compelled to talk about the drama surrounding that damn book could she have done it without their kids being there. Who does that sh*t?? Crazy! Danielle has all these balls while she is continuing to go off on her Dina Dina Dina tirade, but when Caroline aka Boss Lady intervenes she suddenly simmers down. How great was it when Boss Lady told Danielle, "When you talk look at me bc I'm the one who showed the book." I was literally lmao and that look on that psycho's face was priceless. Jacqueline kinda screwed my head up when she went against her family and defended Danielle. WTF was she thinking. You barely know this broad and if she was so innocent she wouldn't have brought the book that night nor would she continue to put you in the middle of her drama. Be smarter Jackie. They may have been wrong, which in some ways I do agree but come on they are there when you need them and to betray them like she did in front that cow was lil disheartening. And now we all know what would make a grown woman throw a table on someone. I felt Theresa on that one. Don't know if I would have thrown a table but I would have definitely smacked the sh*t out of her for not only starting sh*t at my party but also disrespecting me. It was so funny how her husband was trying to restrain her. Theresa is one strong lil Italian firecracker. Too funny!! I was lmao at when Theresa finally calmed down, she kissed her husband like nothing happened and then went sat down, said her piece and said now lets eat. Hilarious!!
I can't wait to see the editor's cut on Thursday of the dinner party and also the reunion special next Tuesday. And congrats to Jacqueline who just had her baby boy and Theresa who is expecting in September.

See Ya!!!


♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

So funny how everyone's opinion is divided 50/50 on this season's ladies. My fav is hands down Jacqueline and I Absolutely loved the way her and her hubbie handled things at dinner. The others, well that was a catastrophe. Looking forward to the reunion.

Sassy said...

I also liked the fact the Jacqueline stood up for herself and wasn't her usual timid, meek self. I just felt she shouldn't have done so in front Danielle. That is the hand that cow feeds with and I dont trust her at all. I think she will hurt Jacqueline in the end because she is too self absorbed. Cant wait until the reunion either and tonight's extra footage special.