Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Movie: The Reader

Since my mom and B are working today and my BF is coaching, I decided to catch up on some of the movies I have missed. I chose The Reader with Kate Winslet. This was a very good movie and Kate was totally deserving of her Oscar win for this role.

The movie was about a woman ( Kate Winslet) who has a secretive affair during the summer of WWII with a young boy (David Kross) whom read to her before every encounter they shared. Their summer romance ends abruptly, leaving the then 15 year old boy confused and heartbroken. She resurfaces 8 years later in this now young man's life when she is on trial for her participation in the Nazi War crimes where hundreds of Jewish women were killed in a Nazi concentration camp. He is forced to decide whether or not to divulge pertinent information he knows about this woman that could help her case, information she is unwilling to disclose herself. Years later this man (Ralph Fiennes) is still dealing with effects of the trial and how this woman has impacted his life.

The movie was very compelling and towards the end I found myself in tears due to the outcome. Great movie!

See Ya!!!

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Miss Eve said...

It's a great movie! I loved it!