Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Hair

I went to see the Good Hair screening yesterday and found myself leaving the theater with all these hair issues and questions. The movie was comical and informative, but I feel like a lot of things were unanswered and a lil misinformed or misrepresented. I just don't truly agree that African American women started this whole hair weave, extension, wig phenomena. I actually learned at the age of ten that Caucasian women were wearing extensions and that was not their real hair from my fav soap opera the Young and the Restless. I was shocked to see Melody Thorton's and Sharon Case's (Nikki and Sharon) hair was not as long, thick and beautiful as I admired for so long. I don't want to make this a race issue so I'm just going to say that weaves, extensions, wigs have been around a long time, its just now I think its more acceptable in every community so people talk about it more. I did find it shocking that women were putting perms in children's heads as early as the age of 1 years old. Like wtf is that about. Perms are strong chemicals and children are still developing so why would anyone do that; that was just baffling to me. I know our hair can be a little unmanageable, but a child should remain free from chemicals at such early ages. I was also astounded at the black market in India and what they do to sell hair to the US. It amazes me to see what hair really means in a woman's culture. Definitely an eye opener. I think good hair is just a word and it should only stand for healthy hair in any form that makes you happy. Pretty good movie, so I say go check it out. I have too much to say on this so I'm going to just stop here.

See Ya!!!!

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