Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bada Bing Tinglers

This past weekend while in Miami I had the pleasure to meet Jillian Altit, the creator and founder of Jillicious Cosmetics. She was in the the Style Suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel we attended on Friday afternoon. She gave us a quick overview of her makeup line and I have to say I fell in love with her Bada Bing Tinglers. They are lip glosses that give your lips a great shine, some plump action, and are non sticky. They come in different flavors and scents plus leave you with a cool feeling and freshened breath. How can you not love that! She came up with cool names for the different colors and said the inspiration behind the line was her boyfriend. She said she made a line that was boyfriend kissing friendly, because we girls no how men hate sticky lip glosses all over their mouths. My favorite colors are the Lick my candy and Chocolate raspberry, which I got to take home with me. Jillian was a doll and I love her products. Check out her website at jillicious.com, I promise you will love them.

See Ya!

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