Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Solange????

What is it with all these celebs and shaving their heads? The newest victim to this craze is Solange. I get that she wants to be different and stand apart from her sister Bey, but did she have to do it this way. I'm sorry, but I am not feeling her new do.
Here's what Miss Knowles had to say via twitter for all us nosey rosey's all up in her biz.
See Ya!!!


FaithLeah said...

I know what you mean about the craze, it's really weird and it doesn't look good, I don't like it either, I understand what she's trying to say about hair and all the stress, but this is not working, she should just face that she will never stand apart from her sister, and move on, the sooner she realizes this the better!!!!!

lipton|TEE said...

Somebody I know said she looked like Marlon Wayans with her hair cut .... LoL

Jessika said...

if she doesnt care what people think, why is she tweeting about it?! that just makes her come across a little hypocritical.