Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay can someone please tell me wtf is wrong with Q from Making the Band. This dude is straight tripping, but why? Does he not want to be in the band anymore? Is he trying to get a spin off for his own show? Is he confused and I mean How You Doing Confused? Is he on drugs? He has too much negative energy going on right now and its sad bc they actually look like they have some staying power in this business. He killed me when he attacked Will last night and said that Will was jealous of him. What does Will have to be jealous of. HELLO, Q look in the mirror, maybe you are the one that's jealous. Who focuses on dancing in the middle of trying to get an album out. There will be no dancing if there is no album to put out which means no tour, which equals no dancing and most importantly no money, DUMBASS!!! Ooh this dude infuriates me. Maybe he wants to start a group with Dawn and be the next Ashford and Simpson. I cant wait to next week, the previews look good and of course it all centers around Que's madness.

See Ya!!!


Kisa Zoea said...

Lol @ "How you doing confused"...i swear that's the first thing i thought.

Besides that tho i think he has too many people in his ear and also i think he thinks Willie is jealous because his girl is there and Willie's ain't...I mean what else could it possibly be...?...

I hope he aint into no drug thing...SMH! We shall see as the story continues...

Oh and it kills me cause he stay on twitter trying to tell people why he's reacting in such a way is because "He's young and learning"....sure.

Queen B. said...

Ok Ladies, let me break it down to you what's wrong with Q. This season right away I noticed a change in Q. Then when he started having all of these problems with his mom's, not having money, adjusting to his new life, etc...I put some of the blame on being young and inexperience in the industry.

While watching his outburst and the victim game at first I thought maybe he's bipolar. But some of it would have came out and last season show. But the meltdown in front of his mom, his boys and manager made it very clear what is wrong with Q.

It happens a lot in the industry, it's another industry secret. Q. has been touched since being in the group and he don't know how to deal with it. He may have liked it, may have wanted it. He's ashamed, he's hurt, and is in lots of pain and don't know how to accept that he may be GAY. I am not being funny...if you noticed his body movements, rollin the eyes,fingers snapping and not making out with Dawn on tv like last season. He is only with Dawn because he needs that validation for others who already knows and mostly for himself.

As you all know Dawn is going solo and will make the announcement on the finale and is no longer dating her Q-Fused BF.

You noticed when they kept asking him what was wrong he just could not speak. He is afraid to come out.

It won't come out in the finale but it will eventually. Somebody has pics and it will come to light.

I hope he gets help, not for being gay because I don't have a problem with that. But, I hope he gets help to deal with what is going on with him. So many young people suffer everyday because they cannot be themselves with out being judge. In the industry it's worst. How many artists and celebs deny being gay. This kid has a lot going on that I don't think he can handle it much longer. If his group don't beat his ass somebody on the street will.

Once again, I see nothing has changed in the music business.

Kisa Zoea said...

@ Queen B.~WOW....I see exactly what you are saying.