Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fillico $100.00 Bottle Water

As you all know I have been hired to do makeup for over 100 weddings here in New Orleans and lots of Destination weddings. I have done small intimate weddings, young couples, socialites weddings, glam Hollywood weddings, political weddings and Caribbean weddings. Never, have I ever came across any bride having Fillico Beverly Hills Water.

Well Monday at the shoot for the bridal magazine I thought I saw it all when the model wore an 8 carat wedding ring for one of the looks. I was at all of this amazing rock. But yesterday, they pulled out the Fillico water that is a 750ml bottle retail at $100.00 a bottle...yeah a bottle not a case. The bottled is beautiful, crystal everywhere. Definitely my style of item. I could not concentrate on doing makeup because this $100.00 bottle of water was just blinging on set.

What I found out about the water is that it comes from an ultra luxurious line of spring water from a company called Vieluce in Osaka, Japan. It's natural spring water from Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan. Only 5,000 bottles are sold a month since there is a limited supply of natural spring water. The bottles are made of frosted glass, with gold paint and accented with extraordinary Swarovski crystals.

I wonder if Diddy drinks Fillico water?




Derrick said...

Now that's PIMP, where can I get this?

Miss Eve said...

Hey beautiful girls...such a great page. Thanks for stopping by on my blog, I love yours a lot. These images are gorgeous...I feel thirsty :-)Have a fantastic weekend, love: Evi

Queen B. said...

Thanks Miss Eve, glad you graced our page. We will continue to stop by to see what you are up to. The bottle looks great in person. I just don't know if I would buy it since I am not a water-lover.

See Ya Bye