Thursday, March 12, 2009

Se7en featuring Lil Kim

I am such a big fan of Lil Kim, so when I heard she was back and singing on this track I couldn't wait to hear it. The extra bonus was that the artist Se7en had already released a music video. I love the track in Kimmie looks really good in the video. I know she has been getting a lot of flack for getting plastic surgery but shit everybody in Hollywood has gotten plastic surgery and nobody talks about it...Mickey Rourke don't count. I think blacks are just hard on each other...period. Just like blacks were hard on black women wearing hair extensions. But nobody never said anything when J.LO, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, etc...was wearing it. It took Paris Hilton to make hair extensions hot and she wore them horrible. I think who ever has negative comments about Lil Kim should just back off...especially if your haven't made it on Hollywood BEST DRESS LIST.

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Nick said...

I like lil kim too, she has that "i don't give a fuck look". lol

She was ok on dancing with the stars though, i seriously didnt expect much :)

Queen B. said...

Nick, I missed the show but I am sure I can see it on youtube. I don't expect for her to win but I am sure she will hold her own. I just want to see her outfits cuz I know she will rock some bad ass dresses.