Wednesday, March 4, 2009


ITS OFFICAL!!! Im no longer a virgin, a blogger virgin that is. I just have a quick minute before I get back to work but I had to give props to Brittney Spears for her awesome comeback. Me and BGD absolutely love her but I was skeptical about going to her concert on yesterday after the MTV fiasco. Anyway I missed out. My mom worked the event and said she did a great job despite the lip singing, but what is a Brittney show without lip singing. She said the production was to die for and Brittney did her thang! Ive seen pics from the the gossips sites and lets just say Britt has a body to die for. So jealous. Anyway congrats to Britt and Im happy she's back and fierce!!!! Check out for a great review of the show and his thoughts on Britt.

See ya!!!!

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