Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CP3 Jordan Party

So last Thursday I started the kickoff of my month long bday bash. I attended the CP3after party for his new shoe launch. The day started so hectic bc I had to work until four and rush home and get ready bc me and B were going to the game for 6. Any one who knows B knows she is not a sports fan. Me on the otherhand am still a tomboy on the inside. U can catch me at a football or basketball game anytime. And its not just for the boys, although there is some nice eye candy every now and then, like AI :).

Anyhow the game was good. We beat Dallas and B got to see her favorite baller J Kidd, Jason the Kidd as she would say. B met J Kidd last year at allstar in New Orleans and she fell in love. She was the only one in my section cheering for Jason besides the man sitting directly behind us who told me not to stand up anymore bc he would be watching me instead of the game. Lol! I think the men are just as bad with going to sporting events to pick up women.
During halftime we went to see Carlyn for minute and proceeded to find the man with the invite for this afterparty. He was a friend of B who works for the Hornets whom she met last year at an event for CP. We finally met up with him in the courtside club and we were off to the private shingding. But before we left I met the cutest man ever outside the arena. I wasnt sure who B was talking about at first but when she said the game is here. Silly me was like the rapper (who cares) and when I looked over it was Pooch aka Derwin from the TV show The Game. He is such a sweetie pie and those eyes, love them! He gave me in B nicknames so he wouldnt forget our names. I thought that was so cute.

The party was set up pretty nice, red carpet, open bar, and ordivores. There was a lil confusion as usual with the wrist bands to get up upstairs to the VIP section. But it all worked out. Most of the team showed up to support Chris and of course his big bro CJ and parents were there as well. We hooked up with Jamielynn and Kristen who both looked so cute. There were a few celebrities there in support of CP like Tiger, MC Lyte, Ray J, and BumB. Ray J is definetly a cutie but a lil too short for my taste.

Kristen's bf Thomas came over and hung out after he finished filming the event. T is so comical, he definetly has that LA (Los Angeles) swag. They make such a cute couple!!! Tiger kept coming to our table asking what we were talking about, basically getting his flirt on. The funniest moment was when B pulled Tigger by the ear. I was lmao bc no one knows why she did it, I wonder if she even knows.

The night was fun for the most part besides our feet killing us and my bf tripping bc the boys were around our table. Im cute what can I say. We left around 2 but not without saying goodbye to Pooch and his boy Kobe. Pooch all I can say is damn Pooch!
Tune in for more updates from my Bday bash month! Hopefully the best is yet to come.

See Ya!!!!!!

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Bombchell said...

look like yall had a lotta fun