Thursday, March 5, 2009

CP 3...Chris Paul After Party

Tonight Chris Paul is throwing a after party at Republic Nightclub. So, I think Sassy and I are going after the game. I really don't do Republic...honestly I really don't do a lot of nightclub hopping when I am home. I am more hotel bar lounge type lady when home. Last night Randall who works with the Hornets texted me that CP 3 is having an after party. He asked if I was attending. So I text back...yes, Sassy and I will be rollin with him. Everybody think since I did him (CP 3 makeup) that I know this boy entire life/schedule. But, I actually try not to entertain to many of my male clients especially young one like Chris with a girlfriend and or/wife...especially pregnant. A lot of women are very insecure about their BF/spouse havin female friends and when in the public eye like I am I don't speak to them in public-we have a code...don't greet with hugs. We can do hi with eye contact, smiles and nods. So, I try not to get to friendly in public when people are around looking for drama. I rather real private party that is not open to the public.

So today Sassy is telling me about how the guest list have to call some number. But I'm spoil...not feelin this BS. If I can't just show up and walk in then can't go to the party. Jamielynn, placed me on Think Tank Production guest list since I was on the road. So, I knew that Sassy and I would be ok getting in. I will check in later to let you know how the night played out.

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