Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eye Candy from a Saint

All I have to say is God Bless Reggie Bush! In next month's issue of GQ Magazine Kim gets to flaunt all that sexiness known as Saint Reggie. I'm not mad at you Kim! LOL! He is absolutely delicious. The pics by Alexi Lubomirski are so hot and I must say Kimmie looks great as well. They are doing the damn thing. Enjoy bc I know I did.

See Ya!!!

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Queen B. said...

B-A-B-B-I-E...the sisters are going to be mad when they see this. I can only imagine what the blogs are saying. I'm sure they are rippin Kimmie up.

I love the spread...can't wait to get the issue. I think Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashians look hot together. You can see they actually care for each other. I love to see young love, shit just anybody in love. Cuz you don't see it much especially in Hollywood.
But, I guess they rather see the Chris and Rhianna type relationship. I don't understand why women are so hard on Kim. Reggie has a right to fall in love with whom ever he wants. Real Talk...the girl is fly, she's hot, makeup or no makeup. She keeps herself up, she don't drink, she carry herself well. Yeah, the tape leaked so what. Everyday girls are on myspace and youtube showing their body parts...is it because she's a pretty girl and made some cash off of it? I don't get it. If Kris and Bruce don't hate her for it then why do everybody care. It's not like Reggie is going to get with these haters that talk shit or write mean things about Kim. That boy love Kim and everytime something mean and or/negative is said about her it makes him love her more. So get a life, or better yet go to the gym, get your face right and maybe he might give you a blink...