Friday, March 20, 2009

Hornets Casino Night

Last night was the Hornets Third Annual Casino Night at the Superdome. As I thought the venue was entirely too big for this event. The setup made the event less intimate and too spaced out. The event started at 630 and there were two rooms filled with poker tables, food stations, and bars. The players and coaching staff didn't arrive until 730 and they were split between the two rooms which meant if there was a particular player you wanted to see you had to find which room he was in.

We ran into Jackie, Leslie M, and Leslie at the event so that killed time while we caught up with girls. We got a few of the players in trouble by taking pics with them but they were more than happy to oblige B and I. Unfortunately, most of the pics didn't come out bc either our heads were chopped off or the players' heads were chopped off due to the extreme height difference. Sometimes I think we need to hire a professional camera crew to avoid these types of issues. LOL! Just kidding!
Overall the event was cool but last year I definitely had more fun. I didn't even get to play the tables. Well, there is always next year.
See Ya!!!

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Derrick said...

You ladies be lookin nice, I'ma roll with ya'll in a few months.