Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Butt Implants Gone Wrong

Last week I mentioned in my post that Lil Kim has been getting a lot of flack for her plastic surgery and black women wear hair extensions...most of this has been done by BLACK WOMEN & BLACK MEN. But not many people say anything when women from other races get plastic surgery and wear hair extensions. So, one of my readers was feelin my real talk statement and sent me a video about one young lady who had received butt implants and her shit is f*cked up. Take a look.


sexxithay said...

Hey whats good Divas- I didnt know where to put general comments but I love the blog, keep doing what you doing...mwah! I hope you guys enjoyed your stay in Miami..=))

Sexy Lex Dun (313) said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to be comparing Black women wearing hair extensions to other-races getting butt augmentations. I don't see how that's the same. 1) You can remove extensions. 2) There isn't any negativity surrounding "white hair". Whites were never looked down upon for their hair the way Black women have been for their curves 3) Every race wears hair extensions(Kim K does...and she died her traditionally dark colored Armanian hair Blonde) 4) We others Black, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, etc--- do what we deem necessary to fit into the categorty of whiteness--- we're made to feel like what we are isn't enough. 5)White people don't need to fit into a category of "Blackness"---they are already on top. They run the media... the set standard of beauty is the one that they've set and for the longest women of color have not been a part of that standard. And its ironic how these same people who tell us we are not beautiful darken their skin, plump up their lips, and plump up their asses.
I watched E entertainment yesterday and they had a list of the most curvacious women. They were praising these women for their curves/booties. There were hardly any sistas on the list. Ask yourself this: Why did it take J-Lo to make the ass popular?? Yes, she's Hispanic but a White Hispanic-- still not too Negroid for the media. I think the thing that makes many people of color upset about the butt augmentation phenomenon is we've always been looked down upon for our physical features. Department stores didn't cater to our body type but now that non-Blacks etc want booties--- it's hot!!!
Growing up I often heard Black men speak highly of Black women's curves---and for some, this was a reason they felt they would remain loyal to Black women. Well, now anyone can get an ass. And what better way to compete with the sistas for the brothas who like curves than to go and get you some (Kim K, Klohe, Co Co, Ashley Logan etc) ---esp. if you want a "Baller". Personally, I really don't care that someone chooses to augment their butt, however don't sit here and fake it like you know what its like to be me. Women of color have long been scrutinized and made to feel ashamed of something that is now a fad for many Whites & their counterparts.
In conclusion, I feel like many Whites really want to be Blck (can't blame them, we're amazing) but w/out the negative connotations--- all the while we are trying to achieve "whiteness" so that we can be successful in this white world because those negative connotations they try to avoid are unavoidable for us.

Anonymous said...

Fake hair is just as fake as a fake butt, breast, tan, or anything that God did not bless you with. The world its changing and females wanting a shape that a quote on quote sister has, is the way of the world seeing beauty in things they once mock just like interracial love.