Monday, March 9, 2009

Reality Shows

Last night I watched my prime time reality shows. Im such a reality junkie. Its almost pathetic but its addictive. You got to luv it. The new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired last night on E. It was the episode where Khloe went to jail. These girls are absolutely comical! I was lmao when Khloe was released from jail after only being there for 3 hrs and they all go to eat. Why are Kourtney and Kris getting tore up? Hello Khloe was just released for a DUI. OMG and when Kim was taking pics of herself on their way to the jail. Hilarious! By far Khloe is my favorite Kardashian sister. I met her back in December at Metro when she was visiting her girl Khadija for the holidays. She is such a sweetheart and so personable. She thought I was gorgeous!!!!! Anyway, I felt a lil bad for Kris this episode because she was so emotional over Khloe's situation and the fact that her first husband wasnt able to be there for them. I will agree the girls were a lil mean to her. Kris is such a hot mama. I mean she looks great on the show, such great style and I will admit she is even more striking in person. I met Kris in Tampa for superbowl weekend when me and B were at the Pepsi Smash concert. She loves B. I couldnt believe how excited she was to c B. She gave her the biggest hug, i thought they were going to fall over. I must say she thought I was gorgeous also ;)!!! I only hope to look that good at her age.

Moving on to the premiere of CandyGirls, the video vixen reality show. Im not sure what to think just yet but it seems this season will be full of drama. Ill keep you posted on my thoughts once we get further along in the show.

See ya!!

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Ran said...

I was watching last night as well!! I love the Kardashians! nd Candy Girls did start off with huge drama!?!? Im anxious to see how the season plays out?

By the way, nice blog ladies!!