Thursday, April 30, 2009

Season ending comes new beginnings

So its official, the hornets lost last night ending their mediocre season. AT LAST!!! I'm excited because that means I can focus on the rest of the teams and see how these playoffs turn out and more importantly I can focus on getting bikini ready for the summer. Officially I started working out yesterday and the goal is to lose 15 pounds. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. However, I do have a lil incentive, my BF and I made a tiny wager that if I lose the 15 lbs by time we go away for our lil vacay that he'll get me a new designer bag and shoes to accompany me on our trip (keep me warm at night, jk, lol). So that is always a plus bc there are quite a few pair of shoes I have my eye on. Besides I'm so lazy these days I just don't feel like squatting, lifting and crunching dammit, I could use all the motivation I can get right about now. LOL!

While I'm talking about getting in shape, let me address the rumors for those nosey ppl who read this blog but don't comment, but are concerned about my maternal affairs. NO, I'M NOT PG, I repeat I'M NOT PG (at least not yet). Damn can a girl retain water every now and then and eat a piece of cheesecake and cookies w/out ppl speculating. Geez why do u care anyway, it aint yours if i was. LOL!

See Ya!!!!


Queen B. said...

About time this Hornets shit is over, you know I care less about sports.

Got a better incentive for you to toned the body, Miami Fashion Week their 2010 swimwear collection in 2 months. I will be back for that and you know I need you with me. I may need help with makeup. So you better be hitting the treadmill baby girl three times a day...I know I am.I'll give up some snacks but not the cocktails.

Why even waste your time addressing those kind of people. But you know how they say in Hollywood as long as there talking it doesnt matter-GOOD or BAD. Its not like your 16 years old, shit you should have had one by now in todays society anyway. Shit, if it was the African American male that is speaking this girlie high school topic you know you would have to have the courts chasing his ass cuz he don't want to pay child support! That topic is DISMISSED.

Be home in the morning, really don't want to.

Queen B. said...

Ok when I get back I need to change our heading...

Now everbody watchin what i do
Come walk n my shoes & c the way Im living if u really want 2
Got my mind on my $ & Im not goin nowhere
So keep gettn yo paper & keep on climbn
Look n the mirror & keep on shining
til the game end, til the clock stop
WE goin post up on the top spot.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Lol, Nice shit.

Miss.Fortune said...

girl the 15lbs ur trying to lose..let me get cuz im trying to gain 10-15lbs!