Monday, April 13, 2009

Cassie's New Do

So this weekend I continue to see all these pics circulating of RB singer Cassie's new hair cut. I'm all for expressing oneself and being creative, but this is too much. She looks like the man/woman thing you see at the circus. I understand she wants an edgier look, but what about a haircut, or some short bangs. I don't know. Maybe she's having a mid life crisis at 20. Damn Diddy, what do you do to everyone you come in contact with? Diddy, you sure you not from New Orleans? What do you guys think of Cassie's new look?

See Ya!!!

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Kisa Zoea said...

I like the new hair...but not in the outfit in this pic....only thing with a hairstyle like that you gotta style accordingly...But i like it with the pics with her Sweatshirt and goldchain..she gonna have to change up her attire to suit the new hair just a bit!