Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Advance Screening of The Soloist

Last night I attended the advance screening of The Soloist with my mom and boyfriend. Its based on a true story and the book, written by Steve Lopez (the journalist played by Robert Downey, Jr.), about a disenchanted journalist who seeks out to help a homeless, schizophrenic, Julliard trained musician named Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx). I enjoyed every bit of the movie, especially the music, even though it had some slow parts. I'm not so sure I can say the same for my mom, who fell asleep (hopefully she was just real tired and not bored to death) and my bf who left because the movie was running long and he didn't want to miss the Lakers game. Without giving too much away for the those who might want to see it, the movie touches on the homeless situation in LA and how Nathaniel and Steve's relationship evolves through Ayers' love of music and Steve looking for his next big story. Certain parts of the movie are saddening, but also so uplifting. Overall I thought is was a good movie so go check it out this Friday.

See Ya!!!

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