Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heidi Montag California Dream Hair

written by Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

I was glued to the TV last night watching new episodes of my favorite soap opera of the new generation “THE HILLS”. And as much as I hate to admit it, Heidi Montag has been really stepping up her makeup and hair. I am not really sure who Heidi’s personal hair stylist is, but her hair color is gorgeous. The platinum blonde with the California highlights really works for her. I know there has been talk that she gets clip on extensions from Head Candy, but who in Hollywood doesn’t have hair extensions. Regardless, her hair is beautiful…California Dream.

To get Heidi Montag’s long gorgeous soft curls you will need:

*a rat tail comb

*a paddle brush

*a blow dryer

*hair spray

I suggest you should blow dry your hair with a large paddle brush to achieve volume and to smooth the cuticle. I am still in love with the Hair free round brush that I received because it works very well and helps to give volume. I always begin in the back, I spray the hair with my choice of hairspray, of course my pick is Elnett Satin Hairspray. I then take my rat tail comb and just comb each section of the hair before winding the hair in a vertical position on the curling iron. The larger the iron the larger the curl, it’s your preference. The top should be ironed with the larger iron and from an angle to have the lazy dip. When you get to the sides, wrap away from the face. When done, I just simply finger comb the curls and spray with a light hold styling spray.

Viola…sexy Heidi Montag California Dream Hair.


Fashion Moment said...

She has a great hair!


Queen B. said...

FM...she may not be the brightest girl but she has GREAT hair. She looks like a real BARBIE doll. I noticed her hair everytime.

Sarah Brooke said...

Yeah it is cute!! She really does look like a straight valley Cali plastic barbie girl lol... I love the Hills, screw who ever doesn't like reality shows, I'm a Reality show junky. I still can't believe Spencer had it in him to hit Cameron. Spencer is kinda cute, he just needs to change his childish attitude...

Queen B. said...

I love to unwind and just watch others that is not wrap to tight. Reality shows is the new generation throw back soap opera's. NO...I can't believe that the dude let SPENCER hit him on TV and his boys didnt even do anything. Spencer looks like a sheep dog to me. He just need a good one time...LET ME TELL YOU ONE M*F thing...then he would be straight. But everybody is scared of him and I don't understand why??? Do he even have a J.O.B???