Friday, April 3, 2009

Q-Saga Continues

All I have to say is WTF! Q needs to see a therapist because whatever is eating at him has sunk him to new lows. This sh*t is pure and utter foolishness. I feel so bad for the group as a whole at this point bc he is destroying their livelihood. He killed me when he told Brian that he was showing off for the cameras. I know this is TV and things are edited but Brian should have only asked once if Q was ready to go. Instead of Q hauling azz, he is wiping off his shoes and singing and other dumb nuisance. Boy are you serious. Brian was too nice, bc if it was me I would have left his azz when Will and Robert left. Then Q gets all drama queenish and goes off on the manager. I was lmao when he told Screw I hired u, u didnt hire me. Call me when u get it together. Q sweetie you are not Diddy and did u forget how you are struggling to make ends meet so how about u work to make some money. This dude is a DUMBASS for real. I want to say this is immaturity at its best but I cant even use that as an excuse for him. He needs HELP!

The fight b/t Q and Brian was stupid and I felt bad that Brian got drawn into Q's craziness. The trip part was when Robert broke out in tears. OMG that was hilarious. Robert was that scene necessary, sweetie? Why are u so emotional pumpkin? I also loved how Robert kept saying Q's whole name. I swear Q must be doing a spin off or something.
I do respect how the other guys especially Big Mike held it together. Mike and Brian always seem so unfazed by the BS. They should just focus on the group and let Qwanell Mosely hit rock bottom by himself. He is a lost cause and for better words a cancer. Let Q aka Aubrey go and see how far he makes it on his own.

I cant wait to see what Diddy says on next week's show.

Until next time, See Ya!!!!

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