Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hornets Playoff Pep Rally

This past Thursday I took B's kids with me to the Hornets pep rally in Fulton Square. It was great weather and since the kids were still on spring break I thought it would be good plus they could keep me company. They are the coolest and funniest kids ever. They absolutely crack me up especially Jordan. The atmosphere was family oriented which I loved bc it wasn't a lot of groupies running around. I didn't like that the players only made a five minute appearance but T Scott, the coach's son, told me everyone was in hurry to finish packing for their playoff game away which is Sunday against Denver plus they just got back and were tryn to spend time with their families. Anyway I enjoyed the event bc the kids were great company and they said they had a good time as well.
We also stopped for cupcakes which is totally against my diet but they are sooo good I couldn't resist.
Well I got my playoff tix so hopefully they can advance to the second round and don't disgrace us. GO HORNETS!

See Ya!!

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Queen B. said...

Hey honey, thanks for taking the kids out. They had a blast and told on you...BIRTHDAY CAKE CUPCAKE rangs a bell!!! Sorry I couldn't make it but my mini me's took my place so it was like having me without the cocktails.

Thanks again your the BEST