Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Shopping

This weekend was a quiet one, but I got some much needed fall shopping done. I decided to start adding this fall's must-haves to my wardrobe. I really like the Boyfriend Blazer look, so I got two reasonably priced ones. They are sooo cute and go great with jeans, leggings, pretty much everything. I also got some boots and cute lil accessories like hats and scarves. Still not done, but at least it was start in the right direction.
I also picked up the final book to the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. This book was by far the best. I completed it within 2 days. So many twists and surprises far beyond anything I expected. I sure hope the rest of the movies live up to the great writing done by Mrs. Stephenie Meyer.
After all my shopping and reading was done, I decided to order a movie on demand. I decided on The Uninvited. I was completely surprised by this one. It actually turned out to be a pretty decent movie. I was utterly impressed by the big twist in the movie, never expected it at all. Overall the weekend was nice and peaceful like I like every once and a while. Hope you guys had a good one.

See Ya!!!!

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