Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beware of the Scams

This past weekend I was surfing the net looking for rental property in Miami to throw my 30th birthday party. I stumbled across a site called vacationhomes.com. There was this great piece of property listed with just the right accommodations, everything I was looking for. I emailed the "owner" directly through the site and "he" responded. I asked if the property was available, the rates, taxes, deposit, everything you would ask when booking an event. I even asked for a contract. Low and behold, it was a damn scam. I was reading through this contract which was full of grammatical and spelling errors. It was so obvious it was a copy and paste job, and a bad one at that. From there I decided to do some PI work. I found the exact template sample "he" copied from the Internet, I found out the house was actually up for sale, the brokerage company and broker, "his" number was a payphone, and the real owner of the house. I called all these people and by 9:30 pm Saturday night I spoke directly to the owner. She explained to me that for the past 2 years the police have been trying to catch this asshole(s). The stories this woman told me brought me to tears. This man or group of individuals have been taking money from innocent people who want to vacation with their families and friends and leaving them with no place to stay and having to start all over. Do you know how heartbreaking that is? I am so thankful I read and researched this before acting hastily, because I too would have been another victim. I sure hope they catch the person or individuals. So please, please read carefully and research before you give up any money or information on yourself that could leave you stuck out or even worse.

See Ya!!


Patrice said...

Thanks for the reminder to beware of those scams advertisements over the internet. It's good that you're smart enough and was able to discover the truth. Great website by the way.

Miss Odukoya xx said...

Thanks for posting this..Like that is crazy...