Friday, August 28, 2009

Blame It On The Alcohol Tour

Last night me and the BF went to catch the Jamie Foxx concert at the New Orleans Arena. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a show Mr. Foxx put on, wasn't anything I expected. He was really amped the entire performance. I truly enjoyed myself despite not knowing many of the songs. His comedy segments were also on point, but that was to be expected. DJ Irie kept the crowd rocking between set changes, he even did a lil west coast crypt walking along with Jamie. New Orleans really showed him love, according to him. We were the biggest crowd he has had since the tour started. He also donated half the proceeds to Brad Pitt's rebuilding of the lower 9th ward. Overall, pretty decent show. Next time Ill need to listen to the albums before going.

See Ya!!!

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