Sunday, February 28, 2010

Run this town!!!

Me and the BF went to see Jay-Z on Thursday night and let me just tell you I was super amped. I usually don't do rap concerts because there is just too much going on, but I just had to see Jigga. The last time I saw Jay-Z was in 2004 before Katrina, I was thoroughly entertained. This time was even better!!!! We sat in the suites which was good because I was away from the massive crowd and there were no lines for the bathroom!!! He literally killed it! The crowd was so crunk and we song along with every song. He even said he had neva seen so many women sang along word for word. What can I say, we love Jigga tooo!!! Trey Songz and Young Jeezy were there also. They both put on great shows as well. As for Trey Songz, ladies, this boy is sexy as hell. I didn't even realize how delicious this boy was. Had a good time, definitely the best rap concert I've been to.

BTW no pics bc damn camera battery died, so mad :(.

See Ya!

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