Saturday, February 6, 2010

B.E.T. SOS for Haiti Benefit Concert-Miami

Superbowl weekend I was once again back in Florida working. On this trip my daughter came out with me. As some as you all know my daughter is very opposite from me, a late bloomer, very quiet, very serious, not big on taking lots of pictures every 5 mins (like me), not big on makeup in can usually care less about the celebrity clients I worked with. That...she gets from my mother :)))

Off my baby girl and I go to---Miami. She only wanted to take a few shots so that is why I don't have a lot of pics from the trip. Plus, I just wanted to focus on her, a girls trip. So while I worked she met lots of the people I worked on. Some of the celebs took her with them to soundcheck she actually enjoyed that.

Everybody loved her in she made many friends, their was only one person I wasn't a big of :))) in that person knew it my daughter later shared with me. We had a great trip, we did some shopping, pampered ourselves only a little and ate a LOT!

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