Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poolside and Margaritas Anyone!

This Spring/Summer I've decided to indulge in a new weekend pastime. Since I can't travel to the beaches in surrounding cities, Ive decided to bring the beachy atmosphere to me, well at least the pool and margaritas. Me and the BF have been hotel hopping now that the pools are officially opened for the summer and checking out the roof top pool and bar areas throughout downtown New Orleans and The French Quarters. It's such a cool and relaxing way to spend these beautiful Saturdays and Sundays and not to mention very inexpensive. You can't beat some fun in the sun with a great drink to cool you off. My drink of choice is any type of margarita but I'm opened to any other great beachy drinks. So far the Omni Royal and The Roosevelt are my top picks, but I got plenty more to check out before the summer ends!

See Ya!

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