Monday, April 12, 2010

Basketball Wives

Last night I tuned into the Basketball Wives premiere not only because I love Shaunie Oneal, but because I also wanted to see how they would portray one of the women I met a few years back during Superbowl weekend in Tampa. Although the title is definetely misleading (since it seems to be more exes than wives) the drama that will unfold this season is not. There will be plenty of catfights, drink throwing, and just plenty of good ole drama, that this is a must see train wreck waiting to happen. Espisode one was a lil slow however, but it did shed light on the lil cliques in place and who the outcast will be this season -- Royce. Speaking of Royce, it was quite funny how they titled her as an ex dancer being as though her star center baby daddy has that iron clad gag order in place. I mean could they have at least said she was john doe baby mamma or something. LOL! Even though I know I should be turning away, I just cant help but look!

See Ya!!

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