Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA's 2009

So lets just say this year's VMA's was a doozy. From memorable and heart warming tributes to showstopping and somewhat scary performances, to just utter ignorance, the VMA's had it all.
Lets begin with the opening act. Now this is what I call a tribute to the KING OF POP, MJ. Madonna's speech was touching, but the dancing was what made the moment. All the performances were just phenomenal. Choreography was on point! I even saw some familiar faces paying homage, Ms. Laurie Ann Gibson and Chris Judd. When Janet came out and did the Scream number, my eyes were literally overflowing with tears. That was a proud moment for me. I felt like I had given birth to this strong and endearing woman. What she did, I probably would never been able to do, so I applaud her. She killed that performance!!! Kudos Ms. Jackson.
On to the performances that stood out. Bey's performance was killer and I was loving the sequence body suit. Just jaw dropping. "Put yo hand in his face", love it, lol!! Pink's, was another performance I loved. The acrobatic skill and the stamina this woman processes is amazing! Very unique and different. And Speaking of unique and different, Lady Gaga, oh Lady Gaga. Don't get me wrong, I love her music, but this performance and hell her different looks, just scared the sh** out of me. Why is she hanging with blood dripping, what is this red getup covering your entire face, hell what is the Eskimo, scarecrow looking number? Just confused , just confused by it all. Taylor Swift did a great job as well. especially after what she just encountered.

Drum roll please. If they were giving out awards for the most ignorant and wtf moment female and male nominees, Kayne and Lil Mama would be hands down the winners. Kayne leave the henny alone please darling. Obviously you forgot you were attending an award show. My mouth literally hit the floor when this fool took the mic away from Taylor Swift and said, " Hey Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I will give you the mic back when I'm finished, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." WTF and this fool actually gives her the mic back. Do you really think she has something left to say after that buffoonery? She only 19 and the sweetest kid and you do that to her on live TV, in front of millions. Can you say azzhole. And that apology was medicore to say the least. Please come better than that Kayne. Kudos to Bey for allowing Taylor to have her moment. Such a classy act, that's why I love my girl Bey.

And Lil Mama, who invited you on stage during the Jay-Z performance. He and Alicia were killing this song, which is my fav off the Blueprint 3, and then she shows up and injects her foolishness onto the moment. Oh no mam, please go back where you belong, I think ABDC is calling. The funny part was when Hov patted Lil Mama on the leg to fall back and even threw in a quick joke, saying, "You T-Paining right now," but to no avail she remained. He should have free styled her azz off the stage.
Lots of good,weird, and oh hell noo moments. I was throughouly entertained.

See Ya!!

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